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At Shires Law Personal Injury Solicitors, claiming compensation has never been easier or less complicated – and for those who have suffered an injury from laser treatment, the firm offers a simple, easy three-step determination process for claims compensation.

UNITED KINGDOM – 16 Mar, 2017 – Shires Law Personal Injury Solicitors knows all too well that there are more people who fall victim to injuries such as burns and scarring due to laser hair removal treatment every single year. This is because the industry is not properly regulated, so basically anyone can perform the procedure without having the right knowledge, skill, or training.

But thanks to Shires Law, those who have become a victim of a faulty laser hair removal treatment can receive the compensation they rightly deserve. And for those who aren’t sure if they really do deserve compensation or not, Shires Law has the answer as well: an easy three-stop question and answer process which can immediately determine if a person can seek compensation or not.

Those who visit the Shires Law website can easily start their claim if they say ‘yes’ to a series of three simple questions. The first question is “Have you been injured in the last three years?”, the second question is “Did you seek any treatment for your injuries?”, and the third question is “Was the incident reported to someone?” If an individual answers ‘Yes’ to these three questions, then they can definitely proceed with their claim.

For those who are looking for help with a laser hair removal treatment injury, Shires Law is proud to say that it has ample experience in the area. One of Shires Law’s most reputable solicitors and partners, Joanne du Pleissis, has this to say about claims for compensation on laser treatment and the rise of negative incidents. “Over the last few months I have spoken to a number of members of the public who have suffered with burns caused through this type of procedure. It can be an extremely effective procedure but it must be carried out by a trained therapist. Sadly we are witnessing a boom in salons carrying out this type of skilled procedure but the beauty therapists are very often not properly trained.”

With help from Shires Law, however, anyone who has been injured or has sustained scarring from laser treatment can get the compensation they very well deserve.

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Shires Law is a renowned firm which offers personal injury expertise to those looking for claims for compensation. For those who have laser hair removal scars, burns, or other injuries, visit the website for more information. 

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