The Magic of Moonlight by Jerry Cantor

“The Magic of Moonlight – A new book by Jerry Cantor. Life stories of people who builded a better world.”
Jerry Cantor was born in Boston, USA. Later as a member of Kibbutz in Israel, he has worked as a dairyman, a shepherd and factory worker. He was also a publication manager in the defense industry and founded the translation branch of the kibbutz.

The stories in this book describe the lives of complex and simple people. Despite the strict ideology they followed, they met and dealt with a very human problems in their own unique way.

United States – 16th March, 2017 – The Magic of Moonlight is a collection of short stories penned by author Jerry Cantor. All the short stories written in the book are extremely realistic and all common men and women can relate to the same in some way or the other. The characters in all the short stories are built up in a manner that they seem to be people we know closely. There are simple as well as complex characters in the short stories in The Magic of Moonlight and each of the character has been developed in excellent manner. The most interesting thing is in spite of the differences in the traits of the characters and their portrayal, there is integrity between them. And this combination of difference and integrity has made the short stories extremely interesting to read.

The short stories in The Magic of Moonlight are not only about the individual characters. The stories also revolve around how these simple and complex characters come together and dedicate their lives aiming to build a new world altogether. All the stories are integrally connected to one another and the author excellent portrays the connection that one character has with the other. Another thing that is very interesting about the book is that each character follows a strict ideology, which sometimes becomes very difficult to handle. Despite the ideologies which they follow, every character faces different kinds of problems and issues in life. And every problem that they face is quite human in nature. But the characters are developed in a manner where they deal with the human problems in their own unique way. It is this point in the stories, which makes them so very close to reality and fascinating at the same time.

The quality that makes The Magic of Moonlight worth reading is portrayal of simple truths of life. Reading through the lines in the short stories, readers can connect with the real truths of life which everyone faces at some point or the other. Though there are judgments and ideologies by which everyone is guided, there are emotions like happiness, sadness, joy, jealousy, scare, forgiveness etc in every human’s life. Striking the right chords at the right time has made this book appealing and worth reading.

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About Jerry Cantor – the man behind ‘The Magic of Moonlight’

Jerry Cantor is the author of The Magic of Moonlight. The man was born in Boston, USA and has not had a very easy and pleasant life. During World War II, Jerry served in the US Navy. His plight did not end there. Since 1951, he has been an active member of Kibbutz Mishmar Haemek.

Apart from serving in the Navy, Jerry Cantor also toiled hard as a shepherd, a dairyman and even as a worker in a factory. Later he served many high-tech firms in the defense industry as a publication manager. After spending some years in this job, Jerry founded and established the translation branch of the kibbutz. 

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