1000 Islands Addiction Rehab Offering Caring Drug and Alcohol Rehab

A growing number of people in Canada are struggling with the problems associated with drug and alcohol abuse. 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab is an exclusive treatment center that offers programs to help them overcome addiction and treat the mental disorders that often accompany addiction.

They use a holistic approach to address every area of the individual’s life that has led to their current situation so that they understand the changes they need to make for an addiction-free future. Treatment programs offered include:

1000 Islands also works with loved ones so they know what to do to help their family members get back on track. For loved ones who are trying to figure out how to help their family member get into treatment, the team of experts can help them stage an intervention before the affected person hits rock bottom. The types of treatment offered include:


–        Group Counselling

–        Individual Counselling

–        Family Counselling

–        Yoga and Meditation

–        Physical and Recreational Activities

Depending on the person, any combination of these types of treatments will be used to create a unique treatment plan that is right for the person and their specific needs.  After taking the first step to enter addiction treatment and successfully completing the detox and treatment program, treating an addiction does not come to an end. Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands offers aftercare and follow-up services long after the treatment program has been completed. Many patients relapse immediately after completing treatment when they return to their normal lives. These programs are meant to help deal with the urges and cravings that too often lead to relapse.

There are many factors that set Addiction Rehab Thousand Islands apart from other treatment facilities including the individualized care that treats the person and not just their addiction. Their cutting edge approach to addiction treatment also guarantees a 100% success rate. All it takes is a phone call to take the first step towards treatment and an addiction-free future.

About 1000 Islands Addiction Rehab

1000 Islands Addiction Rehab is an alcohol and drug rehab facility that provides Canadians with the best chance for overcoming addiction. They have a team of trained professionals and a cutting edge facility give them the tools they need to deliver a 100% success rate. Through a holistic approach, they provide the widest range of treatment and recovery programs to individuals who are addicted to all types of substances. Treatment is in an exclusive setting of the Thousand Islands Region where patients are in a peaceful environment without being judged.

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