Sunil Jagani helping visionary CTOs leverage emerging technologies to execute their vision

Sunil Jagani is setting up a new office and a team solely dedicated to researching, and training people in Artificial intelligence and researching ideas on how it can be implemented in various industries and government organization.

Sunil Jagani is the founder of AllianceTek. He has earned his Master’s in Software Engineering from Pennsylvania State University. The main business motto of AllianceTek is to fuel the growth of the business through the clever use of technology. Presently Sunil Jagani is the President and Chief Technology Officer at AllianceTek.

The reason behind the inception of AllianceTek lies in the reason that most companies nowadays do not have the ability to accommodate the information technology team to carry out assignments. Moreover, organization these days are witnessing that their technical team stays static. The internal technical teams are not able to keep pace with rapid developments that have taken place in the last decade. Hence, they design and build solutions that are based on older technologies. On the flipside, many organizations still have old age processes to leverage the talent pool.

The mission of AllianceTek is to facilitate friendly technology measures that would not only prove beneficial to the company; it would also be helpful in earning revenues. Moreover, AllianceTek helps a new entrepreneur to realize their dreams. AllianceTek mainly specializes in developing software and developing systems irrespective of the size of the organization. AllianceTek has started to widen their horizon of operations. They now have over 100 people in Pennsylvania, New York, California, and India.

Sunil Jagani’s AllianceTek is now a familiar name in India. It has the prestigious distinction of developing hundreds of mobile applications. Moreover, AllianceTek is also credited to develop enterprise content management technologies that can be utilized effectively to improve the functions of a company. AllianceTek also has used technology to change the process of business entirely. The central principle behind AllianceTek’s operations is they believe businesses are ecosystems in which every organization has the right to sustain in an efficient manner. This is the main belief behind the mission of AllianceTek to unlock the potential of many organizations. Their main area of emphasis is to reduce the waste and to help their clients grow.  

Sunil Jagani’sAllianceTek is credited with a unique ability to develop cutting edge technologies that are suitable to conduct business in recent times. It is a common fact that many organizations nowadays strive in a competitive environment where even one mistake would plummet them down to gallows of failure. Hence, it is important for companies to develop certain technologies so that they could remain in the top position among all their businesses.

Sunil Jagani is currently researching and training people in Artificial Intelligence in several industries and government organizations. It can be implemented if the individuals in the government agencies can effectively coordinate with AllianceTek. Moreover, people should be more aware of Artificial Intelligence and its benefits in the present competitive scenario. If the government offices accept the research proposal of Sunil Jagani, then it would be a tremendous achievement for the software entrepreneur. On the flipside, the measures regarding Artificial Intelligence have to be carefully considered keeping in mind the need of the stakeholders.  

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