Local Black Info Launches iPhone, iPad and Android App

Columbus, MS – March 17, 2017 – Local Back Info has launched an app devoted to showcasing local black-owned businesses, entrepreneurs, events, entertainment, and culture happenings.

Local Black Info was born out of a dual necessity to find Afro-centric businesses and products while on the go and strengthening the black economic position. “Other ethnic groups have been supporting their own businesses and it shows because in the Black community a dollar only circulates 6 hours, compared up to 21 days for other ethnicities,” said Abiegail Sherrod, National Community Director of Local Black Info. “Local Black Info is our attempt at putting Black Business and Black Culture, into the hands of our community so there’s no reason not to keep our dollars circulating.”

The app can locate Black-owned businesses and events around the U.S. Additionally Business Owners and Local Professionals are able to add their business, event, or product information through the company’s website.

The free app finds your location and lets you search by categories, will give you step-by-step directions on how to get there, save a list of your favorite spots and gives you the option of sharing your discoveries through social media or email.

There were more than 1.9 million Black-owned businesses in 2007, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, which generated $137.5 billion in revenue. Local Black Info is aiming to put those businesses into the hands of black community, one phone at a time.

Local Black Info is currently available through the Apple App and Google Play stores for download on all Android, iPhone and iPad devices.

About Local Black Info Local Black Info is a brand new Google and Apple app which points out the nearest Businesses, Events, Artists, Entertainment, Churches, and Nonprofits run by African-Americans.

Media Contact
Company Name: Local Black Info
Contact Person: Abiegail Sherrod
Email: abiegail@localblack.info
Phone: (810) 354-5035
Country: United States
Website: www.localblack.info