A Suitable and Smart Choice for Food Deliverymen – Airwheel C5 Smart bike Helmet

It is a great honor for Airwheel C5 to win the IF design award 2017 and it shows the excellent design, as C5 helmet heads up display is not only designed for kinds of riders, extreme sports lovers, but also the deliverymen.

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With the fast pace of life, many workers tend to order take-away food to save time. Therefore, food deliverymen become a large group in the society to connect the customers and restaurants. Meanwhile, the intelligent helmet is a new kind of high-tech wearable device for the riders to guarantee the safety and nowadays it is widely used in many areas including logistics, transportation, public security and municipal facilities, etc. Speaking of its consumer, Airwheel C5 color intelligent helmet is also suitable to courier and food-delivery staff, besides the cycling enthusiasts. The high quality helmet will always ensure their safety so that they can provide faster and more efficient service.

Intelligent helmet

As an upgraded version of traditional helmet, Airwheel C5 has multiple functions such as communication, photograph and data record, etc. Due to the flexibility and intelligence, Airwheel C5 is suitable for the food delivery services to ensure safety in the first place. C5 helmet camera is made of high quality materials which cannot be easily broken and it conforms to ergonomics principle which can adapt to different head sizes to ensure comfortable riding. The strap can be adjusted to tighten or loose the helmet to find the best-fit.

C5 Bluetooth helmet

In addition, Airwheel C5 adopts Bluetooth transmission technology for the rider to easily answer the call without stopping. This helps the deliverymen a lot since they usually have many calls from the customers. If they don’t have the smart helmet, they have to stop to answer it, wasting much time and sometimes may causing dangers. Besides, Airwheel C5 Intelligent helmet for road safety is equipped with the camera to take photos or videos at any time. The glass lens with wide viewing angle and anti-shake design helps the rider to record every exciting moment during riding and meanwhile it will be an effective tool to protect deliverymen in case of dispute, as it can provide timely evidence.

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In a word, Airwheel C5 Bluetooth helmet not only helps ensure the rider’s safety, but also enhances deliverymen’s riding experience by taking safety and enjoyment into consideration.

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