The world’s first aerospace-themed VR cinema bring users the realistic experience of moon flight!

In 1969, the United States’ Appollo 11 has finally put a man on the moon, which made people’s fantasy dream of lunar exploration come true. On July 20,1969 EST, the astronauts on Appollo 11 took emergency measures of controlling the lunar module by hand to land on Mare Tranquillitatis.

At 22:56 EST, Armstrong opened the door of the lunar module, slowly walked down the ladder, left the first human footprints on the lunar surface, and uttered the famous saying, “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”


What an exciting moment! And how lucky we are to see the mysterious moon so closely and clearly through live television, images or satellite images. And what’s more, the distance between the moon and human get closer and closer because of the development of technology!

Virtual reality technology benefit mankind of “Carrying” us to the moon and realize our dream of lunar exploration!

Recently, The VR application brand Galaxy Phantom of Shenzhen Jingmin Digital Machine Co. Ltd. launched a VR movie. It is reported that the VR movie applied the virtual reality technology and dynamic simulation and other special effects. Sitting on the customized equipment and with the VR Headset, you will sit on the spaceship and exactly feel the movement of the “rocket” for vibrating, accelerating, rotating, decelerating and landing eventually.

You can enjoy the views of the earth and universe from the window during the spacecraft’s flight. As the “astronaut” you can even open the door, get out of the lunar module, leave your own  “footprint” on the surface of the moon, jump on the moon, and feel the one-sixth of the gravity on Earth that you have never experienced!

The customized VR equipment:VR spaceship simulator

Game screen of: Lying in the space cabin

Game screen of: landing on the moon

According to the head of Jingmin,they were inspired by the development of Chinese aerospace industry and the lunar exploration dream of all mankind. was designed to realistically simulate the ship motion and astronauts’ flying experience. They hoped the VR movie which was the combination of exclusive planning, particular design of top R & D team and huge capital investment could not only become the best practical course of aerospace education, but also “carry” ordinary people to the mysterious space and moon by virtual reality while the astronautic technology still has a long way to go.

Said the head of Jingmin, “has great attraction to the public. At present, we have cooperated with domestic science and Technology Museum, educational institutions and other business partners. We are trying to apply it in many more areas.”

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