Search for a House or a Housemate Made Easy with the New RealEstateTube App

From now on finding a housemate or new home can be easy as the new RealEstateTube App gets one hooked up to a platform full of people who share their interests and goals. It’s easy to use and enables one to show off their personality alongside the property and forego real estate agents.

Looking for a sharehouse has never been easy, especially in the contemporary world where people tend to be very private and wary about new acquaintances. The situation is complicated further by real estate agents, who require quite a hefty fee and aren’t always as reliable as they claim to be.

The RealEstateTube App is designed to help people solve his particular problem by creating a platform where potential housemates can learn a bit about one another and find both people and places they would meet their unique needs. is a website that has revolutionized this particular facet of the real estate industry. Unlike the majority of resources that offer listings, it doesn’t focus on properties only. Of course, the information about the house is provided as it’s essential for this kind of deal.

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However, this service also requires a short personal video profile. This short clip gives potential housemates a chance to see whether they would be able to ‘click’ with the person offering to share their rent. Such an acquaintance isn’t sufficient to make the final decision as the matter of cohabitation is very serious and requires a lot of thought, but it’s enough of a start to save one time on searching.

The best thing about RealEstateTube is that it comes in the form of a simple, intuitive smartphone app, which anyone can install and start using within minutes. This allows the interested parties to start looking for the properties or housemates right away, and doesn’t require one to pay up a large fee to a third party agent.

How to Find the Best Housemate with the Help of RealEstateTube

A person interested in using the app should make a short video clip where they share some info about themselves as well as about what exactly they are searching for. In order to minimize any potential conflicts between new flatmates, it’s advised to look for people who share one’s interests and appeal to one on a personal level. That’s why the app creators encourage one to show off their personality when making the short video presentation.

The detailed instruction on how to use RealEstateTube App is available on the How It Works page. To learn the company’s Privacy Policy or contact them directly, visit the official website. 

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