Ghana Based, Liberian-born Award Winning Hip-hop Artist, SCIENTIFIC takes the top spot for the Top 100 Liberian Music Videos (March 2017)

Liberia is slowing becoming the music hub of West Africa!

CHARLOTTE, NC – 17 Mar, 2017 – An old parable says, a giant never goes down without a fight. Liberians have always been supportive of other African countries, mainly the entertainment industries of Nigeria & Ghana as of late.  Now is the time, for Liberians and other countries, especially African countries, to embrace Liberian entertainers who are showcasing world-class music and entertainment.

The one advantage Liberia has over most African countries is the influence from American culture.  Although the youth of most countries are influenced by the pop culture of America, Liberia was in fact a former colony of the American Colonization Society and it gained its independence in 1847. Liberia became the first independent democratic republic in Africa’s history. 

Fast forward to present day, most Liberians are starting to pay more attention to entertainment.  If it’s not an entertainment center, it is probably a record label or a film company.  Entertainment has helped Liberians to experience a different type of normalcy. After undergoing such a brutal and long civil war, music and entertainment has been one of the best coping mechanisms for Liberians all around the world. When it comes to Liberian entertainment, the name SCIENTIFIC rings a bell to most but is probably unfamiliar to some people.

Sonny Jamaal Tayshaun Tubman (born March 3 in Bong County, Liberia) who is better known by his stage name Scientific (often stylized as Lib Scientific), is a Liberian recording artist and songwriter who currently resides in Ghana. He grew up in Ghana on a Refugee Camp due to the first and second Liberian civil wars which lasted from 1989 to 2003. As a foreigner, Scientific always believed that distance wasn’t a barrier and worked harder until a guy named Cheddar, got him to sign a deal with W.O.N.D.A WORLD ENTERTAINMENT (WWE) in Ghana.  He has won multiple awards and the most notable was the recent WatsUp TV Africa Music Video Awards (2016 WAMVA) on December 28, 2016.

SCIENTIFIC won the BEST AFRO POP VIDEO for his video ROTATE ft. Quincy B who is a fellow Liberian artist.  Unfortunately, Quincy B was killed in a fatal car crash on March 3, 2017, which happens to be the birthday of SCIENTIFIC.  The entire nation of Liberia is still in shock about Quincy B’s death.  Funeral arrangements are be made. 

In conclusion, SCIENTIFIC has been working extremely hard over the years.  He has performed alongside big Ghanaian stars like Sarkodie, American rapper Fabolous, free-styled with Wyclef Jean among others.  Liberia loves SCIENTIFIC and eventually, the world will appreciate his talent as well.

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