South African retailer creates immersive wine shop online

Cape Town –, a fine wine retailer based in South Africa, is rapidly changing the way wine enthusiasts do their wine shopping: by offering wines online in a manner that is both educational and engaging, serious wine buyers are increasingly preferring to order wine via the comfort of their homes over the hassle of visiting a wine store, where there is often little guidance on which wines are worth buying or collecting. recognised a gap in the market to provide an engaging way for wine lovers to buy wine, instead of the one-way shopping experiences customers often have at a wine shop, this online wine store is rather emulating the wine farm experience by offering customers a curated wine experience featuring wines from top local and international wine producers, where they can be guided by real-time assistance from their team of wine experts as well as illustrated wine tasting notes online and wine stories written by the country’s top wine enthusiasts. knows that wine is about as much what is in the glass, as what happens when customers are enjoying that glass of wine, therefore they thrive on the solid relationships they have with customers – understanding for which occasion a wine is sought is as important as understanding the history of a wine.

With its rapidly growing local market, and with its unique template of offering wines online, has recognised the opportunity to take its fine wine marketplace to global markets, to an international audience who show a propensity to buy wine online.

In a constantly-connected world, wine enthusiasts, apart from enjoying the large selection of’s online wine store, will also appreciate that they can place their orders 24/7, and take their time to find the exact wine before placing an order. Buyers can browse both affordable and award winning wines by country, brand or cultivar. Port2Port also offers a selection of rare vintage wines, fine spirits, and special wine cases.

In addition, when consumers buy wine online from, they can feel confident that what they’re getting is authentic, and in top condition. ships its products directly from wineries’ cellars and suppliers’ optimum storage facilities to wine lovers’ doorsteps. This online wine store also prides itself on its fast shipping and transparent order tracking services, providing users a worry-free wine buying experience. Users who order wine online from know they’re receiving a quality product – provenance guaranteed!

“ is passionate about the story of wine, the landscapes, the heritage, the hands and the terroir that shaped it,” says NicolòPudel,’s co-founder. “We offer a two-way conversation between consumers and the wineries. Via, consumers can feel a connection to the wines they shop for, and the wineries get access to an audience that enjoys the finer things in life, including travel, food, and wine.”

It is a fascinating wine landscape, and for anyone interested in a wine shopping experience worth reliving, is definitely worth a ‘click’ – and with new products and wineries adding their collections to the portal, this new generation wine store will only grow in popularity.

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