SharpSocial Helps Marketers Send Public Replies And Private Messages Across Their Facebook And YouTube Accounts


Are you tired of manually messaging people who interact with you across Facebook and Youtube? Now with SharpSocial, it takes just one click to send a public or private message to thousands of people who feel a certain way about you and your brand.

SharpSocial is designed CIA style and can automatically send messages based on people’s emotional state, and allows users to rake in free traffic and protect their reputation at the push of a button.

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SharpSocial gives users all the juicy date they would expect from a world-class analytics too. It shows users the sentiment and emotional status of anybody who mentions or connects with them online so that they can respond immediately right from the dashboard instead of sending the same canned reply to everyone like other tools do.

The SharpSocial software is created to be easy to use than most analytics tools out there. The software dominates Facebook with next-level marketing technology. SharpSocial allows users to see how their overall peptic performing by viewing overall page performance, page impressions, engagement, reactions and page demographics. SharpSocial can categorize responses by people’s sentiment-group Kook by their positive, negative or neutral interactions. Reply to Individual comments, or reply to everybody based on how they feel in one go: SharpSoical automatically sends targeted and instant messages to an individual or an entire group of people who are happy, sad, confused, angry or neutral towards users. Bulk delete negative comments in a single click enables users to protect their reputation quickly.

SharpSocial utilizes IBM’ Watson machine learning and their smart social monitoring technology to automatically categorize comments and responses into positive, negative or neutral sentiments or emotions.

The company uses the same technology utilized by the CIA for SharpSocial software to allow users to see what people are feeling and swiftly intercept their comments and reactions with targeted responses. Therefore, it can protect user’s reputation, clear up the confusion, and turn comments into revenue.

SharpSocial app is set to become a powerful social media marketing tool you will see this revolutionizing the way users get engagements, traffic and leads on Facebook and Youtube. It lets users send highly targeted responses both publicly and privately to attract interactions to users on two those large social platform.

Every day, business are losing sales, missing opportunities, or failing to deal with complaints and bad reviews because they cannot keep track and don’t have time to respond to them all. Thousands of people doing online marketing are using SharpSocial to protect their reputations, with trust and save a ton of time and receive great success.

SharpSocial does what most social media tools cannot. This software shows users how your audience is reacting emotionally to their posts and allows them to spend specific replies to thousands of people, based on how they are feeling about users.

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