New Kickstarter Campaign Launches for WorldMapPortal, Instant Teleportation to One’s Dream Place

Vancouver, BC, Canada – WorldMapPortal brings virtual teleportation to life through its mixed reality set that is now available on Kickstarter campaign. The set, which includes a dynamic 2-D world map, a mobile application, and a VR Viewer, allows users to take virtual tours of countries of their choice.

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“Traveling today requires time, money, and resources that not everyone may have. Through WorldMapPortal, we want to allow people to explore and learn about the world through an accessible, easy-to-use, and engaging outlet,” says Founder and CEO David Yang.

WorldMapPortal adopts a mixture of AR and VR technologies, presenting users with 3-D characters and objects when looking through the VR Viewer. Once users have opened the mobile application and have inserted their smartphones into the VR Viewer, they can point to and select a country they would like to explore. The immersive virtual tours take users to various monuments, landscapes, and famous sites of the country and provide educational information about each location. Families can enjoy WorldMapPortal together, as it is suitable for both adults and children.

“Though WorldMapPortal, users will be exposed to actual cultures, people, animals, landscapes and monuments instantly,” says CMO Namkung Jiwhan. “The way we learn about other countries has remained the same for more than a century. It’s time to change the way we learn!”

Since the original idea for WorldMapPortal was conceived in early 2016, the research and development teams have worked tirelessly to capture the concept and create a product that exceeds expectations. The set offers two versions of maps, which users can choose from when backing the project. The AR technology that WorldMapPortal has adopted superimposes a computer-generated overlay on the user’s view of the real world. The WorldMapPortal app offers dual viewing modes. The Phone Mode displays the live feed from the smart phone’s camera, and the VR Mode offers a full range of immersive VR content.

The mass production for the WorldMapPortal sets is planned for this summer, with the first shipment expected in July. Kickstarter backers who pledge at least $30 (CA $40) will be the first people to receive an exclusive WorldMapPortal set. Backers will enjoy steep discounts off of the anticipated retail price for as long as the campaign runs.  

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GP Tree is the creator of WorldMapPortal (, a first-of-its-kind mixed reality map. The company has offices in Vancouver, BC, Canada. 

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