WP Twin: Effective creator of affiliated websites and the best restoring solution

WP Twin
The recent launch of WP Twin has created quite a sensation in the website market. Stated as one of the best marketing weapons, this software allows the user to create affiliated websites with just a few clicks easily.

The company is stating this software to be a time tested, and excellent cloud site restoring and backup solution. With only a few clicks, this efficient software creates an exact copy of the user’s website including setting, content, posts and pages, themes, media, database, core, plugins and much more.

In the recent launch event, the spokesperson of this company stated few advantageous factors of this website. The person relayed the fact that this software is not only an excellent solution that can keep the hackers at bay but is also efficacious in protecting a website. It may be from malware, bad commands, bad plugins, user errors, buggy updates, deleted files, server crashes or any other factors. WP Twin plugin is a potent tool that protects a marketer’s website from all such threats.

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Apart from saving a user’s website by making a completely perfect clone, this company is also stating this software to be effectual in moving the saved website into any server or domain. Moreover, they are affirming to the fact that WP Twin is an effective marketing tool too.

With its user-friendly interface, it can be run on any OS, including android, mac, IPad, pc and much more. With a simple installation procedure and a quickly cloned file upload is what takes a marketer to begin with this excellent software. And a single click to the ‘deploy’ button does all the work in no time.

Adding to the other front end features of WordPress Twin App, this company gave away an information that is guaranteed to make every marketer happy and encourage them to opt for this product. This tool is designed specially to work on any WordPress version.

Aside to this excellent feature, this company also highlighted few other beneficial aspects of this software too. Officials are stating it to be efficient enough in cloning successful websites for various longtail keywords. Being a perfect sales tool in the offline medium, WP Twin plugin, it gives the freedom to the marketers to sell their WP optimized page again and again to various businesses. And this can be achieved with a single click.

An inside source also revealed another astounding fact about this plugin. According to this person, most softwares and plugins does not last a complete year from the date of their launch. But this is not the same in the case of WP Twin. Created with the latest technology, this company is guaranteeing all its marketers of this software’s constant working without any failure or expiry.  As per this statement, this software is literally considered to be the perfect marketing tool.

In addition to this excellent software, this company is giving away exclusive bonuses as launch offer to all the potent buyers. These bonuses include 3 DFY offline sites and 3 affiliated theme sites. And this entire amazing product in a box pack is offered to all the marketers at an extremely low price of $32.97 (lite version). This company is also offering a complete 30 days money back guarantee on WP Twin if any user is not satisfied with this product.

About the Company

This company is one of the noteworthy internet marketing companies who along creating effective tools for marketers also helped their customers with website related issues. Recently they had launched effective software WP Twin. It comes in 2 versions which include WP Twin Lite and WP Twin Pro.

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