A one-day life changing workshop that will equip individuals Sufficiently to start making progress in their business

Time: April 3 2017, 8:00AM to 5:00PM


Houston, Texas, U.S.A – 17 March, 2017 – The importance of learning cannot be overemphasized in any endeavor you wish to make progress. Learning from experienced and educated experts equips you sufficiently both technically, morally, physically and emotionally. The opportunity to experience this high class learning only comes once in a while and you have to take advantage of such opportunities when it arrives. One of the very best of this opportunity is the upcoming one-day workshop organized by script4success and facilitated by Marie Cosgrove and Russ Stalters; happening at Norris conference center 816 town and counry Boulevard, suite 210 houston Texas 77024.

You will learn proven communications, problem solving, and marketing/sales strategies and skills. Walk away with a plan and tools to start making progress immediately.at this event you will master: Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, Gain Confidence in any Situation, Empower Your Subconscious (Dr. Paul Scheele Method), Accelerated Learning (Dr. Paul Scheele Method), Communicate to Influence (The Dr. John Maxwell Method), Master Sales (the lifeblood of all businesses), Clarify Marketing Messages, Increase return on investment & Profitability.

This full day workshop covers: Morning tea & coffee, Lunch and afternoon snack, playbook with tools and materials. Our facilitators: Marie Cosgrove and Russ Stalters are experienced experts.

Marie has an outstanding track record of helping businesses improve profitability via increased sales. She is a superior mentor. Russ stalters is a master at creating environment for his participants to extract and connect their ideas while providing powerful accountability. You will see a difference in your growth in just a few weeks.

Don’t miss this life changing event- only 200 seats available.

To reserve a seat please visit https://www.clearpath.samcart.com/products/script4success/ or http://bit.ly/script-4-success

About our facilitators

Marie Cosgrove: At one time she was a homeless single mom, then went #1 sales representative to C.E.O of the same company Balanceback, the world’s leading manufacturer of diagnostic and treatment devices for dizziness, concussions and traumatic brain injuries. Earlier in her career, Marie worked for notable Fortune 500 companies, including FedEx and Sprint. She has also launched several medical devices companies, including, CriticalCare Assessment for which she singlehandedly obtained the FDA 510k Clearance for.

She serves on the President’s Advisory Council of the International John Maxwell Team where she shares her guidance and experience to help other entrepreneurs succeed with their own ventures.

Marie is a certified Behavioral Consultant and Certified Instructor Facilitator in the RoundTable Method.

To learn more about her visit https://www.facebook.com/CEObalanceback/mariecosgrove or email Mariecosgrove@balanceback.com 

Russ Stalters: Mr. Stalters is a recognized expert for information governance, information and data management strategies, and SharePoints. Most notably until 2016, as Director Information and Data Management for BP’s Gulf Coast Restoration Organization, he was responsible for the information architecture, data management strategy and geographic information services for the organization. In that role, he also served as the Chief Architect with full design authority for all business applications and data management solutions.

Earlier in his career, Russell was the President of TrueArc Corporation, a market leading provider of Intelligent Content and Records Management Software Solutions. he serves on the President‘s Advisory Council of the John Maxwell Team.

A regular industry speaker, noted author, and thought leader, he presents at national and international industry conferences.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Marie Cosgrove & Russ Stalters
Email: media@mymarketingandsalesteam.com
Address:Norris Conference Center 816 Boulevard, Suite 210
City: Houston
State: Texas
Country: United States
Website: http://script4success.co/