Fully-Assembled, Leak-Proof Shower Pods from JT Spas Make Bathroom Installation Easier

At JT Spas, customers can choose from a broad selection of shower cubicles and enclosures. Amongst the choices available are shower pods which are not only fully-assembled, but leak-proof as well.

JT Spas has plenty to offer when it comes to a variety of bathroom products, and its selection includes everything customers might need, from bathroom furniture such as mirror cabinets, linen baskets, and storage units to radiators, toilets and basins, taps, and other bathroom accessories such as towel rings, rods, and more. But amongst the products on offer are included a broad selection of shower cubicles which are designed to bring practicality, functionality, and even luxury to any bathroom.

One such product is the fully-assembled, leak-proof shower pod manufactured by Kubex, featuring a space-saving design complete with pivot door. The Kubex Kingston Compact Shower Pod Cubicle features a unique design which is completely leak-free, combined with 22-millimetre composite walls, an outward-opening semi-frameless door, and a removable roof which is also translucent, allowing condensation to be retained and letting the light in.

But along with these features, the Kubex Kingston Compact shower pod is also fully-assembled even before delivery. This means that the shower pod requires no assembly and simply needs to be fitted in. There is also no grouting or sealing required, which saves customers more valuable time. Additionally, the Kubex Kingston Compact shower pod is suited to any type of flooring and comes complete with a removable access plinth, a waste and trap, and legs (for solid flooring). The shower cubicle and pod also comes with a round shower hand-set and hose, brass internals, easy to clean rubber jets, and a finish of chrome.

JT Spas describes the product further: “With all the style and design features of the Kingston Range, the Kingston Compact Range, with its reduced dimensions, can be located in the most restricted of spaces. The full height column accommodates all the necessary pipe work and mixer valve connections, reducing the space required, the time spent installing and minimising disruption.”

For customers who want convenience when it comes to the installation of their shower cubicles, the Kubex Kingston Compact shower pod is an easy choice. Customers also have the option to choose an additional thermostatic bar valve as well as a slide rail kit for a more functional shower cubicle. The shower pod and cubicle also comes with a 1-year guarantee from the manufacturer.

To learn more about the shower enclosures at JT Spas, visit http://www.jtspas.co.uk

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