Creative Bioarray Developed Endothelial Cell Growth Medium to Improve Its Endothelial Cell Products Line

March 17, 2017 – Creative Bioarray, enjoying a good fame among cell suppliers, issued that its endothelial cell growth medium has been carried out through long-term trial and test.

“Since endothelial cells are very significant in developmental and disease mechanisms researches, it is necessary for our scientists to develop proper cell growth medium in order to meet the requirements of various endothelial cell types of human, mouse (mouse endothelial cell line), rat, etc.” said Dr. Caroline, a senior scientific officer in Creative Bioarray.

Staffed and equipped with well-experienced scientists and advanced techniques, Creative Bioarray carried out the endothelial cell growth medium product line with following mediums and their featured characteristics are also mentioned:

1.Human endothelial cell medium
A.Being suitable for hundreds of types of human endothelial cells from HCAEC, HUAEC, etc.
B.Allowing human endothelial cells to be expanded to 8 passages or even longer.
C.The stabilities of this medium are optimized.
D.Free of bacteria, yeast or fungi contamination.
E.Needing less cell feeding.

2.Mouse/Rat endothelial cell growth medium
A.Being suitable for different types of mouse/rat endothelial cells.
B.Providing balanced nutritional environment.
C.Ensurement of cell health, viability, performance, physiology, consistency and data.

3.Porcine endothelial cell growth medium
A.Promoting attachment, spreading and proliferation of porcine endothelial cells.
B. Ensurement of cell health, viability, performance, physiology, consistency and data.

4.Bovine endothelial growth medium
A.Being designed for bovine endothelial cells.
B.Free of bacteria, yeast and fungi contamination.

Holding the commitment to offering integrating products lines for clients in their cell research project, Creative Bioarray is always controlling the whole R & D process of every product. High-quality and efficient products and services are the main development factor for Creative Bioarray. By updating its product line is the best management method to gain more and more clients from all over the world.

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