Crystal Clear Provides Automatic Heated Wiper Blades

Crystal Clear Blades Company provides automatic heated wiper blades. This aids in getting snow off the windshield faster than with any other wiper blade.

Crystal Clear Blades Company offers single automatic heated wiper blades, automatic heated wiper blade and module system, and two automatic heated wiper blades as well as a number of other combinations and products for cars, trucks, and buses. Their products help in the heavy duty truck industry, making conditions safer as “truckers spend a great deal of time on the road, often in conditions that are less than ideal.” Their products also help with emergency services such as “police officers, firefighters and paramedics who do not have time to pick ice off their wipers.” Crystal Clear Blades also offers products which can help commuters get through icy conditions regardless of what kind of vehicle that they drive.

Their heated blades were designed for harsh North American winters, and are sold in two separate parts. The first part is the sensor. This is able to detect the outside temperature while the vehicle is running. This sensor is what turns on the heating system when it is needed. The blades themselves heat up to a temperature of about sixty-five degrees Celsius, enabling the whole system to melt snow and ice, keeping the driver and passenger safe on rigorous, wintery days. 

Wiper blades are extremely important for making travel safety in any sort of vehicle. Whether it be a truck driver, a bus driver, or someone driving something as simple as a small punch buggy, windshield wipers are important to disperse the elements on the windshield. These elements could be anything between rain, sleet, snow, and cleaning fluid. These wipers aid in the safety and visibility of the driver as they cause the drops of fluid to go off of the windshield.

Automatic heated wiper blades are incredibly useful in climates that accumulate more snow. These blades make it easier to disperse the snow particles as they settle on the windshield, because they would be able to melt the snow as well as any sleet or ice that could make the danger levels of impaired vision higher. These heated wiper blades would also be able to shorten the amount of time that it would take to defrost the windshield, because it would melt the frost down. They can decrease the amount of time it takes to get going in the morning, because they can get rid of the frost rather than the driver needing to manually scrape the frost away.

The Crystal Clear Company can be contacted by phone, email, and snail mail, and all of their contact information can be found on their website. For more information about this company, their website is just a click away.

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