Soloway’s Offers Wholesale Meat Supply in Toronto

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory provides wholesale meat supply in Toronto. They have great deals on all of their meat products.

This wholesale meat company provides wieners in all sorts of sizes and packages. They provide all beef jumbo hot dogs, all beef quarter LB hot dogs, all beef regular hot dogs, chicken jumbo hot dogs, and Yves jumbo veggie hot dogs. They also provide a variety of sausages, including mild Debrecziner, hot Italian, Octoberfest, turkey and pepper, bacon and cheddar, jalapeno, honey garlic, and jerk chicken. They have beef burgers and veggie burgers, as well as nitrite and gluten free products. They also serve striploin steaks and chicken breast, and along with all of their meat selections,, they have a long list of condiments available.

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory has been providing quality meat since 1927. Their desire was to provide Toronto locals “with a place to come and enjoy authentic European meat products such as deli cold cuts, roast beef, sausages, wieners, and fresh cuts of beef and pork.” As the years passed, they switched their focus to the foodservice industry. They kept the old recipes, but now their mission “is to dedicate their efforts and resources to supply [customers] with quality products and convenient services to satisfy their needs.” They serve quality meat, and do not shy away from sharing the nutritional and safety information of their food.

The goal of Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory is to provide convenient and quick meat to their customers with the same quality and nutritional value as if they had walked into the building. They offer numerous online services, encouraging their customers to order from them through the Internet. This factory “proudly serves distributors, retailers, and consumers across ontario…with great deals on hot dogs, sausages, burgers, steaks, and much more.” Their blog provides information on the benefits of ordering meat online, the reasons that Soloway’s stands out in Toronto, meat quality to look for with wholesale meat, why wholesale meat is the best choice for a big event, and many more topics.

Their website provides more information about the company, their goals and desires, the nutritional and safety value of their meat, the quality of their meat, and the recipes that are recommended for cooking the meat that they provide. The website also has an entire gallery section devoted to pictures of their products. There are photographs of burgers, sausages, and wieners and any other product that they offer, and most often these photographs depict the meats cooking on a grill.

For more information, to view these photographs, to get a recipe, or to place an order for their meats, visit the website for Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory.

They can be contacted through a message on their site, a visit to their office, telephone, email, or fax machine.

Their store hours are 7:30 AM to 5: PM, Monday through Friday, and 8 AM to 3 PM on Saturday.

They can also be found on Facebook.

Media Contact
Company Name: Soloway Hot Dog Factory Inc.
Contact Person: Alex B
Phone: (416) 661-9383
Address:917 Alness Street
City: Toronto
State: Ontario
Country: Canada