Man stabbed while playing Pokemon-go to release comic book at SVCC 2017

The comic book which is based on the stabbing will be made available to fans, for the first time

Silicon Valley Comic Con, organized by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and American comic book writer, Stan Lee, will be held on April 21 – 23, 2017. This year’s event promises to be more fun as it will feature popular stars like John Cusack, Tory Belleci, Pam Grier and more. Chris Perguidi, the man who was stabbed in San Jose while playing Pokemon go will also be there. Chris will be releasing his comic book, which is based on the stabbing. The comic book presents a highly entertaining version of the real event, offering comic book lovers a rare and unique experience.

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“All my life I always strive to make the best out of every situation. Even though my stabbing was a horrific event, I wanted people to see it from another angle, which is why I have created the comic book. I will be releasing it officially at the Silicon Valley Comic Con, and I hope to make a very big impression,” said Chris Perguidi, comic book publisher.

The Chris Perguidi stabbing that inspired him to make the comic was a popular event that was widely reported in the news. Chris was walking with his phone towards two poke stops. When he got there, a woman suddenly started to yell at him, while a man pounced on him and cut his chin with a razor. The duo accused him of filming them on his phone, as the motive for the attack, but Chris believes he has been targeted. He chased the couple down that road, but couldn’t catch them, after which he realized that he has been stabbed in the chin, back and stomach.

“I read about the incident in the news, and I feel sorry for him. Seeing him translate that into a comic, I would say is very creative. He is definitely talented and knows how to attract his audience with great visuals, and compelling storytelling. I will definitely love to see this released,” said Aaron, B, a fan.

The Silicon Valley Comic Con will be taking place April 21 – 23, 2017, at the San Jose convention center.

About Chris Perguidi

Chris Perguidi is an actor and comic book publisher based in San Jose, California. Chris has appeared in several short and independent films before moving into arts and comic book publishing. His latest comic book success, based on his stabbing, will be launching at the SVCC 2017.

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