Stop ICE Raids Alert Network

LOS ANGELES, CA – 18 Mar, 2017 – Instantly report ICE Raids and checkpoints directly from your smart phone.

Get notified of ICE Raids and checkpoints within a 30 mile radius of your GPS location. You can also receive text alerts without downloading the app.

The Stop ICE Alert network is a response network crowdsourced by the public, designed for two groups of users:

1) Those who subscribe for alerts.
2) those who report and verify raids and checkpoints.
(Or both)

The increased immigration raids under Trump have put undocumented migrant communities on high alert in major cities across the US. We are building a system compatible with every-day technology that will enable us to form a strong, dedicated and secure response network to further aid the growing resistance to immigration raids and checkpoints across the US.

Key Features

Users can instantly review, verify and share comments on nearby alerts via the mobile app while remaining anonymous.

GPS / Geolocating. Receive alerts within a 1 to 100 mile radius of your GPS location. You can configure your geolocating preferences at any time.

Push notifications. Opt-in to receive app notifications on your phone when an alert is sent out in your area.

Text messaging. Opt-in to receive text message notifications when an alert is sent out in your area.

Legal assistance. You can request immediate legal help on the app from nearby attorneys, civil rights organizations and other similar networks.

There are concerns about the U.S. government potentially looking to the app’s users as a database to seek out people it plans to deport. For this reason, we are building dedicated telecom systems and custom server hardware to keep users anonymous.

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