City and Residents Join to Clean Local Lakes

DELTONA, FL – 18 Mar, 2017 – Earlier in March, the City of Deltona’s Public Works Department sponsored the City’s 9th Annual Lake Clean-up… targeting specific “chain of lake” locations throughout Deltona.  The Department’s Stormwater Management Division oversees the yearly program’s operations… as part of Division’s objective of educating the public about the importance of maintaining the State of Florida’s clean, unpolluted surface water. 

The biggest factor in this program’s continued success is the involvement of the residents of Deltona.  Each year, volunteers are recruited to be the main workforce in this often messy and unglamorous manual labor.  While the City provides gloves, garbage bags and other trash collection tools, the residents supply the manpower.  This year there were fifteen volunteers, and they spread their efforts among four lake shorelines, to clean up the lake banks, lake beds, and the near-shore shallow water areas. 

This year’s clean-up started at 9:30 in the morning, and by the time the trash and debris pick-up ended in the early afternoon, almost ten acres of freshwater shoreline had been scoured clean.  And the residents collected more than seven hundred and twenty gallons of garbage and trash… and several yards of carpeting, several discarded buckets and large storage bins, as well as an abandoned bicycle frame.  

Several of these citizen volunteers have assisted in previous Annual Lake Clean-ups during its nine year history, and they do so because they see this program and themselves as part of the bigger solution.  These residents know how important it is to protect the environment and the State’s surface waters from pollutants, whether it’s plastic trash or toxic fluids.  They understand whether the discarded trash made its way into the waterways and lakes by intent or accident, it is critical that everyone make the deliberate choice to protect Florida’s lakes and streams.

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