Alliance FX Capital Announces Annual Forum on Small-Cap Equity Trading

SINGAPORE – 18 Mar, 2017 – Alliance FX Capital’s annual Small-Cap Forum is tentatively scheduled in Shanghai for the third week in May, 2017

Preliminary interest from previous attendees is now sought as well as potential new first time participants for this coming 2017 Annual Forum

Alliance FX Capital, Ltd. (AFXC) produces this leading institutional investment forum for qualified investment managers and private equity investors from North America, Europe and Asia. This event is especially designed for High-Net-Worth Individuals and Executives in Corporate Pension Funds, Endowments, Public Funds, Foundations, Union Funds, Financial Planning Firms, Investment Consultancies, Hedge Funds, Investment Banks, Brokerage Firms, Law Firms and Accounting Firms.

The Annual Forum provides an excellent venue to network with peers and industry professionals. AFXC forums are always topical and informative and a great way to stay current with industry trends while also fulfilling one’s trustee responsibilities – a critical “must do” in today’s environment. Conference attendees have enjoyed our forums and have recommend them to anyone that would like to learn more about the newest developments in the private wealth area as well as cutting edge risk averse techniques for managers.

The Small-Cap Equity Market forums are particularly interesting and well attended for the in-depth coverage and overview of what is currently happening in scheduled IPOs and Pre IPO private offerings in these emerging markets of South East Asia. A strong focus will be on the Small-Cap stock issuance in both Malaysia and Indonesia.

This Forum will bring together participant analysts from Europe, North America and Asia specializing in the Asian Small-Cap Markets. Institutional investors, as well as asset managers and consultants will explore the roles of alternative small equity opportunities and investment strategies. Participants and delegates of this investment conference will investigate a range of critical investment issues, including discussions of the risks and benefits involved in private equity investing, the risks and rewards involved with Small-Cap hedge funds, examining means of cutting costs associated with implementation of absolute returns strategies, reviewing the future of small commodity based and mining companies and surveying the landscape of all of Asia’s emerging markets for Small-Cap opportunities.

The newest strategies, in acquiring first hand corporate information about emerging start-ups and company news before it even becomes locally available, will be thoroughly explored.

Investment analysts, finance directors, managing directors and professional private equity investors will appreciate the depth of coverage and the professional speakers who have tentatively committed their expertise to the Small-Cap Forum.

Shanghai is the planned venue city and we are very excited about attendees coming to China. The spring time vibe in Shanghai will be well worth the trip alone. Held in one of Asia’s largest financial capitals, this two day event perfectly aligns with the Asian and multi-cultural nature of this export center. This AFXC Forum will leave each delegate stimulated, enlightened and in a South East Asian state-of-mind.

Please contact AFXC for further information and to receive a formal Annual Forum Invitation:

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