KOKIL SHARMA paints one of the most breath-taking contemporary abstracts and portraits ever seen.

London, United Kingdom – 18 March, 2017 – Do you desire some very sensational and mind blowing artworks to display in your private or public spaces? The type of artwork that not only satisfies your aesthetic sensations but also translates a very deep message in the most amazing way. An artwork you can relate to, a beauty you can stare at all day with confusion and pleasure? Do you wish to wow the eyes of your visitors anytime they look around your workspace, home or outdoor place? Then you need to come discover the amazing world of this London based artist KOKIL SHARMA.

Kokil paints some of the most magnificent contemporary portraits and abstracts. You can also read up on the stories behind some of the special pieces in her blog, in order to better translate the meaning behind some of the works.

Kokil is a London based artist and designer who has been painting since her childhood. She later became a professional painter upon which she began playing with different styles, mediums and techniques. Her greatest strength and passion lies in abstraction, particularly rugged action paintings. Even her portraits have an element of abstraction in them.

Her latest paintings are available on her website where you can search for any theme of painting alphabetically or otherwise. Some of her famous artworks available are ‘Classic Chevy abstract painting’, ‘dancer’s divinity’, ‘faceless fashion portrait’, ‘girl in ecstasy’, ‘girl with the round glasses’, ‘golden peacock’, and many more. Kokil also works on digital paintings and illustrations from time to time.

Her paintings are shipped throughout the United Kingdom and anywhere in the world. You can view the latest collection of artworks and order online at: https://www.kokils.com. For any custom requests, you can contact her through the website.




About Kokil’s Studio

Kokil’s studio is both an online and offline studio started by a London based artist Kokil Sharma. Here you can find her latest collection of exquisite contemporary portraits and abstract paintings.

Kokil loves to experiment with different styles, mediums and techniques but, her greatest strength and passion lies in abstraction, particularly action painting. She feels that there is something about a subconscious creation that speaks to anyone carefully looking at it. These paintings grab the onlooker’s attention at a subconscious level through colors, textures and abstract patterns. Her paintings are uplifting and promote optimism as she purposely chooses subjects that reflect beauty and joy.

To learn more about Kokil and her astonishing painting skill please visit: https://www.kokils.com/pages/about-kokil

Media Contact
Company Name: KOKIL’S STUDIO
Contact Person: Kokil Sharma
Email: info@kokils.com
City: London
Country: United Kingdom
Website: https://www.kokils.com