Missouri Company Helps Residents Find Car Insurance Options That Don’t Cost An Arm And A Leg

Springfield, MO – Hometown Benefits Group is reminding residents that spring weather brings changing weather conditions, thunderstorms, hailstorms, high winds, tornadoes and flooding which can arrive with little warning. Being prepared for weather events can help avoid accidents that might lead to costly repairs or expensive hospitalization.

The spokesperson for Hometown Benefits Group said, “It’s advisable to get correct and affordable insurance to cover you and your family’s needs to have peace of mind that in case Mother Nature happens, your insurance company will take care of what matters for you.”

“Most people walk into a local auto insurance agency and get their insurance from a well-known company that end with farm or end with family. That’s the way that auto and home insurance has been done for years. What people don’t realize is that when they choose to do business this way, they get a one price fits all, that company has no other insurance companies to offer cost saving rates.”

That’s where Hometown Benefits Group, http://www.hometownbenefitsgroup.com/autohome-insurance/, are different. They have over 20 different companies that they search through, and if one company no longer fits the needs of a client; then they find another one that will! Hometown Benefits Group is an independent insurance agency who are experts in auto, health, home, life, Medicare and financial planning.

Times, they are a changing, so people need to change the way they get their insurance needs met. Whether for their home, automobile, or health. Hometown Benefits Group walks with their client through the whole process and helps them make any changes needed with their insurance, so they don’t have to worry about errors, such as lapse in coverage. Unlike most insurance providers they are able to shop around with all the major carriers to find their clients the best rates available. Besides car insurance; they also provide property insurance, such as home and renters.

Hometown Benefits offers a review of all your insurance to make sure all your insurance needs are met correctly. In some cases, homeowners end up being over insured. Renters should not forget to get renters insurance to make sure that they are protected. The building a tenant lives in may be covered, but their personal belongings in their residence are not covered. Renters insurance provides coverage for their personal belongings so if there is a fire, water damage, theft or some other event their belongings would be protected.

Hometown Benefits Group provides Commercial insurance, homeowners, auto, umbrella policies and much more. There is no reason to allow for any business or individual to be vulnerable to the risk of being uninsured because insurance got too expensive.

For more information or inquiries, get in touch with the Hometown Benefits Group.

Hometown Benefits Group is located at 2769 W Lark St. Suite A in Springfield, Missouri (65810).

The company can be reached by phone at 417-831-1566, or from their website: www.hometownbenefitsgroup.com

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