DIMA CORP S.A Announces Juvederm Acquisition Launching Skincare Lines and App in the USA

PARIS, FRANCE – 20 Mar, 2017 – DIMA CORP S.A is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Juvederm full license from DermaVita Company, to develop and market cosmetic products under the Juvederm trademark (No 014016737) worldwide, with an immediate launch in the United States of America.

DIMA CORP S.A, headquartered in Luxembourg and operating globally, has a sustained track record of success in the development and international distribution of cosmetic and medical devices. DIMA CORP S.A is committed to employing as many resources as necessary to meet the requirements of this immense opportunity and to ensure a swift and successful entry to market.

DIMA CORP S.A.’s President, Dimitri Sillam, stated: “We are prepared to bring a new dimension to the rapidly growing $121 billion skincare market with sophisticated technologies that reimagine the skincare retail business.”

The free “Juvederm” app is the most advanced high-tech diagnostic mobile application available, using photo technology to generate a revolutionary skincare formula for the consumer. After the consumer takes a selfie and answers a few questions, the algorithm will choose 1 of 2 bases and 4 out of 11 active ingredients in order to create their customized cream. Once the algorithm chooses the best combination, the consumer will have a map to find the closest doctor’s office where they will have a complimentary consultation to confirm the selected active ingredients. 

The 4-in-1 customized cream is the most active cream in the world with more than 17% active ingredients compared to 3% in the best products. 

We believe that technology associated with an expert point-of-view will benefit the consumer by delivering targeted skincare for their specific needs, with 660 possible combinations.

“There is a multitude of creams on the market, but the consumer may not be aware of specific skin issues and therefore does not know the correct cream that is best for their skin. The free Juvederm app will solve these issues for women and men across the USA,” stated Sillam. 

The Juvederm skincare lines will be available exclusively in an anticipated 2000+ doctor’s offices across the United States by June 2017. 

For more information, visit: www.juvedermlab.com

About Juvederm:

All Juvederm formulations consist of scientifically researched and proven combinations of active ingredients that act in synergy to predict and optimize the results they were made to target. The products are developed for both professional and home use, produced in Europe and registered according to all standards corresponding to the European regulations for cosmetic products.

About Dermavita:

DermaVita is a company specialized in manufacturing, marketing and distribution of wide ranges of professional and home care cosmetic products, meso cocktails and skin peelings. In 1999 the company began production for the global market of aesthetic products, starting with the successful development of high quality products for home and professional use under the trademark «Juvederm».


Founded in 2009 by Dimitri Sillam, DIMA CORP S.A is a Luxembourg-based fast-growing holding company which owns and operates several businesses around the world.

With a proven track record of success and a strong focus on the development and international distribution of cosmetic products and medical devices, DIMA CORP S.A has acquired a high level of expertise and strong knowledge of the US and international markets. DIMA CORP S.A has a particular appetite for the rapidly growing segment for post-treatment skincare sold at doctors’ offices, particularly in the United States. With plans for a swift market-entry. DIMA CORP S.A remains committed to high performance and innovative, disruptive techniques and technologies. 

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