MetaGem: the company that Buffett missed

Warren Buffett is diving into wearables with a smart jewelry line produced by Richline Group, the line dubbed Ela will debut this spring, priced between $195 and $295.  

Unfortunately for Mr. Buffet however, it seems that he might have already missed out on the best opportunity in the arena, that is MetaGem, which has been focusing on smart jewelry since 2015.

MetaGem is the world’s first company to create smart gemstones while also providing all supporting services.  The gem-like product, in the same name of the company, is a brilliant multi-faceted polished cut stone, embedded with digital chips, which offers virtually endless possibilities for wearable applications, from activity tracking and heart rate monitoring to gesture recognition and payments. They have a wide variety of colors, shapes and functions. It’s a revolution both in fashion jewelry and consumer electronics.

Their first smart gem, named LEDA, looks like 20 Carat princess cut gem, colored in white and pink, will be launched at the end of March, and a beautiful ring using the LEDA gemstone will also be available at an unbeatable price of $159. 

The LEDA gemstone can receive all kinds of smartphone notifications, and the user can set the gems to glow in different colors depending on the alert they’re receiving. But, much more than just telling the wearer that they have received a message, it has many more functions that include: fitness tracking, SOS safety mode, remote selfie control and playing fun gesture-controlled games.

The ring made with the LEDA gemstone is an 18K rose gold plated, stainless steel ring, simple and stylish in appearance, with high quality craftsmanship, it is very comfortable to wear with 5 sizes available.

“It’s by far the smartest all-in-one jewelry product available in the market,” Ken, the designer of LEDA collection, said.

Ken is the CDO of MetaGem whose achievements in traditional jewelry design have earned him international awards at the Basel Jewelry Show. His design works have also been published in SCHMUCK MAGAZIN, VOGUE etc. For him, combining digital experience with jewelry design has massively broadened the scope for imagination; previously he could only play with colors, shapes and materials to express the feeling, whereas now he can integrate a complete virtual digital experience, increasing value and enjoyment to the jewelry consumer.

“A MetaGem can be set in jewelry just like precious gems, or woven seamlessly into everyday garments or objects, integrating with our brand customizable APP and backend data systems. It is by far the fastest and most efficient way for fashion companies to develop their own wearable technology products.” David, CEO and founder of MetaGem, said. 

David founded the MetaGem company based on the theory of Ubiquitous Computing, which was published in 1991 by Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center, Inc) in Scientific American. It stated, “The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.”

“We believe in the vision of Ubiquitous Computing, this is the founding principle of our company and each of our products.” David said, “In fact, MetaGem is actively advancing the art of Ubiquitous Computing.”

Today’s younger consumers just aren’t buying into the traditional jewelry marketing paradigm that worked for previous generations, they derive far more pleasure from their technology purchases. If jewelry used to be the ultimate lover’s gift on birthdays and anniversaries, digital fashion products like the LEDA smart ring are the new way to say I love you.

MetaGem was born for the digital fashion industry and they are on a mission to drive the fashion industry into the digital age. They are currently expanding collaborations with independent designers and brands in jewelry, fashion and accessories across the globe.

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