BALKONZEPT – The New Modern Flower Box

Quebec, CA – Being surrounded by greenery has been proven time and time again to improve anyone’s mood while also helping the environment, but creating such a healthy and enjoyable space is difficult when living in urban settings such as a condominium or apartment. Often the area is limited and hard to adjust, making it difficult to create and maintain the desired effect. Balkonzept USA is the solution to these issues. It is a new and innovative device designed to fit most balcony, railing or fence while also transforming the area into a place for work, cooking and other activities. Its design provides a flat area that optimizes any space instead of inhibiting it. Balkonzept is incredibly easy to set up, takes up no floor space and requires no demolition or adjustment of the existing area.

Other common planters have nothing on this efficient design. Other products might require large amounts of time for setup and their shape is not necessarily fit for tight spots. In under 60 seconds, Balkonzept can be placed and ready for use. It has a robust, colorful design that is elegant and modern. It is easy to maintain and created out of an incredibly resistant and durable material that resist weather conditions. It will fit most patios, balconies and terraces. Rear container can hold herbs or smaller potted plants. The flat area can easily become a peaceful, outside workspace or an entertainment hub for preparing cocktails or holding electronic devices. Imagine being able to water plants and sit down for fresh coffee and a new novel every morning without hassle. It is a great way to optimize any area and enjoy the outdoors.

Balkonzept’s sleek design will bring vibrancy and a dash of modernism to any living space. It is available in a wide range of colors including Popping Red, Raccoon Gray, and Lemonade Green to match any style and create whatever mood desired. Its multifunctionality will bring pleasure and happiness in an amazingly practical way. Not only does it continue to deliver benefits, but also solves the limited space issue faced in urban communities.

Anyone looking to finally grow beautiful flowers or fresh herbs for enjoyment and healthy cooking should turn to Balkonzept for their unique needs. Please contact Mario Busque to find out more or let him answer any questions.

Media Contact
Company Name: Balkonzept USA – YULZIP inc.
Contact Person: Mario Busque
Phone: 1-888-652-2736
Address:633 St-Luc Blvd. Suite 10, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
City: Quebec
Country: Canada