Maryland Based Mega Kitchen and Bath Offers Remodels in 3 Locations

Silver Spring, MD – Home remodels are simply worth it. From the kitchen to the bathroom, upgrades can increase the value of a home exponentially and make its inhabitants feel happier in their property. Mega Kitchen and Bath is helping many achieve their remodels by offering their service in three different locations.

Mega Kitchen and Bath has found only one significant problem to overcome throughout their career. That is, they’ve been limiting to servicing only the Maryland area. Despite a wide variety of homes in need of improvements lying just beyond their limits, there is an extent to the number of jobs that they’ve been able to take on. Many satisfied customers have moved on from their remodeled homes and are ready to take on new projects and improve where they’ve moved to. Finally, after years of servicing Maryland, Mega Kitchen and Bath has expanded to two additional locations.

Mega Kitchen and Bath now serves the Metro DC area including Virginia and Maryland. For those looking for Kitchen remodeling in Washington DC, or perhaps a Maryland bathroom remodel, all those needs are now being served by Mega Kitchen and Bath. Customers report that their versatility and willingness to work on both residential and commercial buildings is part of the reason they feel comfortable calling on them for any project that comes up.

Through their years in business, they’ve developed a business model and philosophy that they believe explains their success and ability to expand. “At Mega Kitchen and Bath, we value both modern and traditional styles,” explained a representative of the company. “We give individualized attention to our customers’ needs and minimize uncertainties by offering our customers custom-made home improvements.”

Mega Kitchen and Bath doesn’t just do basic Maryland kitchen remodel, they’ve added a variety of services and upgrades to their list of abilities. Interior house painting, flooring, cabinet and countertops, tile and ceramic and much more is now easily upgraded by Mega Kitchen and Bath, from Maryland, to Virginia, to Washington.

So far, Mega Kitchen and Bath has cemented its place in the world of home-improvement with a customer focus. Through being completely transparent, offering a variety of services, and now expanding into other areas, they claim they’ve been able to maintain a steady base of clients that only seems to grow.

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