Lusso Gear – Baby Gear Company Launches Backseat Baby Mirror

Lusso Gear ( is a new product brand which aims to serve the needs of parents and guardians across the globe by producing high quality products at pocket-friendly prices. Continuously, they carefully craft products based on needs and develop them through time to assure complete customer satisfaction regarding the product’s quality, value and, function. Their customers have praised the quality of their products – from the sturdiness of fabrics to the well-mended stitches. Organizers have various custom pockets to effectively sort items that parents or kids bring along in their cars. Lusso Gear, being known for quality and affordable products, is launching a new product – a back seat baby mirror.

“Quality is always the first thing to consider when buying any baby gear products. That’s why at Lusso Gear we make sure we are providing the best quality for what matters most,” says company co-founder, Susan Mills. “Lusso Gear backseat baby mirrors are custom made using superior quality materials that provide a clear, shatterproof reflection to make sure parents and guardians can have unrestricted visibility of their children while driving. Even our company personnel are using the Lusso Gear back seat baby mirror which proves its fair cost, absolute usefulness, and superior quality.”

A Lusso Gear back seat baby mirror is a must have for all car owners with babies and small children. Driving to a nearby restaurant or to the mall a few miles away from home with a child is not a problem. They never have to worry about not seeing what the child is doing in the backseat while driving safely. With the Lusso Gear backseat mirror, there’s no need to look back at the baby. Just a quick check in the baby mirror is all that’s needed to ensure the child is sitting back, relaxed, and enjoying the ride.

With the crystal clear, stable visibility of the children, parents can enjoy a safe and hassle-free drive. No need to reposition the baby mirror every minute of the drive. The back seat baby mirror has a unique secure mount system that guarantees stability of the mirror while having a complete panoramic view of the child! On top of it’s stability, it is also easy to install. Lusso Gear’s products are meant to make life a little easier.

The Lusso Gear personnel is very friendly and knowledgeable of their products and make sure they respond properly to questions.

Email them at, or call 901-321-0824.

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Also, for those who prefer, the company has provided Lusso Gear on Amazon as well.

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Company Name: Lusso Gear
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