TinyFeats, Purveyor Of Quiet Books And Educational Toys For Toddlers, Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

Beaverton, OR – It is inarguably difficult to break into the toy industry, as kids’ sections’ aisles are packed with all sorts of new releases, which are vying to become the next “it” toy for the toddler set. However, as most parents know, a toy that combines quality, entertainment and educational features is the one that ultimately becomes a playtime staple.

Such is the case for the TinyFeats quiet books and activity mats, which are made to help kids hone their fine motor skills; improve their spatial reasoning and cognitive thinking; practice life skills, and boost their hand-eye coordination – all while having fun playing with their portable, silent and interactive toys.

Mrs. Sasha Stricker, founder of TinyFeats, spoke of how her creativity lead to the birth of her fledgling business, saying “My passion for creating quiet books and activity mats began after seeing how much my own kids enjoyed playing with the ones I had handmade for them. After experiencing, firsthand, how difficult it was to design and create pages that were both age-appropriate and engaging, I soon realized that I knew just how to make better quiet books for toddlers, whose quality and usefulness would far exceed that of any of the available options on the market.”

She continued, “This is how I decided to launch TinyFeats as a business. My motto is that creating smart toys for kids, creates smart kids, who grow up to create great things, and those great things combine to create a better world… but it all starts with one Tiny Feat!”

Owing to its rising popularity, TinyFeats has received an influx of orders, which has maximized the company’s existing product turnover capabilities. “The demand for our toys has become so overwhelming – that’s why we turned to Indiegogo to help fund our first large-scale production order”, said Mr. Stricker.

With the help of its crowdfunding supporters, the company will proceed with the immediate production of 500 pieces of its City Driver Activity Mats, while any additional funding that might be accrued in excess of the campaign’s financial goal will go towards the development and marketing of a new activity mat design.

Those wishing to contribute to the company’s crowdfunding campaign can do so, throughout the next calendar month, by visiting the campaign’s page.

To learn more about TinyFeats, please visit: https://tinyfeats.com/

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