The action packed game Antegods launches campaign on crowdfunding platform ‘Fig’

Antegods is the newly launched action packed arena game that has recently launched a campaign on crowd funding website Fig.  The fundraiser, started with a goal of $70,000 has received great response from the backers yet there is a little more way to go. The game features an intergalactic antegods tournament where the pilots from around the galaxy battle in their giant stone punk mechs to prove who’s the sharpest and smartest.

The game also takes inspiration from the Mayan civilization taken into a space backdrop where two teams of 4 players each control the customizable stonepunk machines to hunt for energy and fight the opponents in a procedurally generated and highly destructible map. The ultimate goal of the game is to activate the enormous ‘titan’ statues that will bring explosive mayhem down upon the enemy team.  Once the player wins these tactical battles, they climb an intergalactic tournament ladder to come, gods, themselves.

The great response for the game on Fig can be credited to its exciting plot and high-quality graphics that grab the player’s attention. There are multiple levels to the game and the players move forward into the game like a science fiction story which is exciting for several game lovers.  Each team gets to command a gigantic flying battle fortress called the Titan, which can be controlled by two players. This mech is moved by the pilot as they smash into any walls in their way which unleashes a devastating shockwave. The players battle with a gunner that fires the titanic cannon to bring down the destruction from a distance.  The opponents can get more powerful if their titan also gets awakened.

Antegods allows the player to use their mech’s abilities such as wolf regaining shields after taking down their opponent. Though the game involves science fiction movie like plot and multiple players but the controls are promised to be user-friendly and simple making it easier for the players to get the most out of the game. The game requires the players to explore the map to collect silk energy for getting more power. They can do this by looking for energy holding plants and spindle templates that periodically generate energy, however, they can also drop energy when shot to pieces. This energy is needed to power the stonepunk machines to keep them going in the game.

This challenging game is currently in need of support from the people all over so that it can get into proper marketing and distribution. More information about the same can be found on Fig campaign page.

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