Wall Outlet Assistant (WOA): A Permanent Solution to A Persistent Problem

WOA will keep electronic device cables out of the way for everyone. Now seeking public support, it can be attached near the wall outlet and stays there to keep things neat and organized.

For all those people who are frustrated with cable clutters, WOA has been announced to make their life easier. WOA is a Wall Outlet Assistant patented all the way from Atlanta, Georgia and the American solution will make millions of lives around the world easier and safer. WOA keeps the device cables out of the way and makes everything more organized and less messy. WOA can be attached on the wall near the wall outlet and can keep everything neat, clean and well organized. In order to make this remarkable creation an everyday reality for everyone, the creators of this project have decided to seek public support by crowdfunding it on Kickstarter. The goal of this project is to raise $17000 on Kickstarter by Thursday, April 13th 2017 and everyone is welcome to make their generous contributions.

WOA is simple, efficient and easy to use. It is not any electronic device but a simple manual accessory that can be installed next to the power outlets and can users can roll the additional wires on WOA to keep the place clean and organized. Before the creators finished the final product, they came up with multiple prototypes and tested WOA on several levels before finally approving the final model. It comes with customizable colors and users can choose multi-color WOA’s for them.

All funds raised through this Kickstarter campaign will help the molding, packaging and production of WOA for mass shipping around the world. The device will make millions of lives easy and the creators are welcoming generous contributions on Kickstarter.

Everyone is being welcomed to back WOA and find out more about it using the following link on Kickstarter:


About This Project:

WOA is a patented solution that will clear the unnecessary wires around the living space and will make the place of its application more organized and neat. Unnecessary wires have always caused a lot of trouble to the users but this ages long problem has been finally fixed for good with WOA.

Media Contact
Company Name: Wall Outlet Assistant
Contact Person: Gabriel Laguerre
Email: gabriel.g.laguerre@gmail.com
Phone: 6787434197
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Country: United States
Website: woa.world