Multi-Talented Man, Chris Perguidi is releasing a comic book based on his life.

San Jose – March 20, 2017 – Chris Perguidi is an entrepreneur, comic book artist and an aspiring wrestler. He started in the art Industry working for his mentors Allan Angel and Randal Vogel (who does a book called Rooni the Vampire) doing layouts for various comic books. He started acting at a very young age but shifted his focus from acting to art as he got older. He decided that it’d be cool to market a comic about a pro wrestler and thought he could bring that character (Topher Thomas) to the real world by becoming him in the ring. He didn’t know It would be such an overwhelming success that it has become.

Perguidi was originally into acting but was told he was getting a little too rough looking (I.E Ugly) to really get leading man parts and  having trained in martial arts, it made sense to transition from acting to sports entertainment. He liked Superheroes so he thought “let me be a real life superhero!” So he developed the character Topher Thomas Who is getting his own comic book! People really like the Topher Thomas Gimmick. The original short film has over 10,000 views and was created by Sam Burks.

You’ve heard the stories. Distracted people have walked into poles or even into traffic. They’re not texting or snapchatting. They’re playing the wildly popular virtual reality game known as ‘Pokémon Go.’ According to 24-Hour News 8’s sister station, KRON, the game got a little too real for a Gilroy man who was attacked and stabbed while playing.

Chris Perguidi said he was playing Pokémon Go and searching out a landmark at Second and San Carlos in downtown San Jose, when he was confronted by a man and woman who thought he was shooting video of them with his phone.

As he tried to explain that he was playing a game, he said the couple grew increasingly hostile and the man attacked and stabbed him with what he said was a straight razor, opening a nasty gash on his jaw that required fifteen stitches.

Pergudi showed a couple of other knife wounds on his stomach and back. He tangled with his assailants and chased them through a parking lot before realizing how badly hurt he was. He is not the first person to encounter hostility while playing Pokémon Go. The craze has been criticized for distracting players from reality.

This inspired The Pokeman Case, this is the true story of the San Jose legend; Chris Perguidi. Perguidi  have always created comic books, in a way , as a child, he’d made them in secret and one day while interviewing Allan angel for the Lizard Zone, Allan convinced him to show him his work . Allan told him he was a genius and hired him on the spot to do layouts for his comic books. Now, the rest is history.

Now, Chris Perguidi is releasing a comic book based on my life at silicon valley comic con with famed comic creator Allan Angel.

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