With Christian Smith-Bishop in Charge, Hirelect is Changing the Landscape of Employee Background Checks

Greenville, SC – Every business today needs employee background checks, but many are falling prey to those who offer ‘instant verification’ or hide behind ‘logo accreditations’. Bringing a shift to professional and transparent background screening is Hirelect, with its operations manager Christian Smith-Bishop leading the charge.

Whether small or large, a business or company requires protection from lawsuits, fraud, embezzlement, and many other forms of employee malpractices. As nearly 40% of resumes are known to contain mis-statement and ‘gut instincts’ are not sufficient protection, it is almost a certainty that a bad hire will create employee problems, and even a multi-million dollar lawsuit. An on-boarding system therefore must be clear, documented, repeatable, with a quality background check included.

“There is no substitute for verifying everything an applicant presents, regardless of how good it may seem on an application or intake form. That’s why a key offering for each client of Hirelect is affordable, American-based verifications,” says Christian Smith-Bishop.

Hirelect offers small to mid-size businesses affordable employee background check with state and federally compliant background checks. It adheres to both the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”) and various state requirements and ensures that a complete due diligence is done without violating the protected rights of employees. With the chance of losing an employment lawsuit as high as 76% in a work climate rife with theft, violence and litigation, hiring a professional service provider like Hirelect can be a business saving decision.

“Nothing can take the place of a quality pre-employment background check. Because anyone can find any number of ‘instant background checks’ online, it’s all the more important for Hirelect to bring to light why quality is so important,” says Christian Smith-Bishop.

Hirelect (which stands for Hire Level, Education, Compliance, Transparency), offers pricing structures that carry no last minute upcharges or latent fees. Clients working in industries with additional regulations can opt for configurable packages. Apart from using multiple methods used for accurate background checks, it also consults clients on weaknesses in their on-boarding processes. Its database hit verification process also includes going directly to an appropriate county-level courthouse. It also beats the competition with developed searches, federal court retrieval, and verifying one alias hit free of cost (though court fees apply).

“All background check firms have to compete on ‘the big three’, so to speak, of background screening: accuracy, speed, and service.” To do something different, he says, was important: “So, we wanted to be sure that right out of the gate we were not only highly competitive in these areas, but surpassing incumbent firms in TAT, service and quality. And we’ve done that.”

All personally identifiable information at Hirelect is kept within the US, and all information and data in its software is protected with bank-level security.

“We care about protecting our client’s business,” says Christian Smith-Bishop. “So we’ve structured our value chain around one core concept – quality, usable information for a great price, no matter what industry they might be in.”

About Hirelect

Founded in Greenville, South Carolina in 2013, Hirelect is boutique provider of quality pre-and-post employment screening services without a boutique price. A member of SHRM, BBB & NAPBS, Hirelect’s mission is to provide superior risk management in hiring to firms of all types, sizes and industries without straining HR budgets. Our unique “Unlimited County” search process, combined with U.S.-only service means clients can rest assured that they are hiring with both eyes open.

To know more, please visit: www.hirelect.com

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