Lama Dog Tap Room + Bottle Shop in Santa Barbara Announces 5 New Beers for March!

Lama Dog is one of the finest tap room Santa Barbara. Over the years, the bar has served the rarest and fine quality beer collected from across the globe. This Santa Barbara street tap room Announces 5 New Beers for March!

Lama Dog Tap Room+ Bottle shop announces that they will be releasing 5 spanking new brews inside their already extensive menu! Pete Burnham, owner of Lama Dog, introduced each of the 5 new beers to us. Some of the new beers include:

Fremont Lush IPA in Cans:

A tropical India Pale Ale from Fremont Brewing in Seattle to invite spring. Fremont uses tropical

hops and a hand selected blend of malts in Lush to help the beer enthusiast to bridge the gap

from winter into spring. This beer is light, citrusy, and slightly floral.

Fremont Interurban IPA in Cans:

Fremont is a district in Seattle and Interurban IPA is named after Fremont’s most famous outdoo sculpture. This beer offers the drinker a warm embrace of Northwest Pale malt swirled with a hand selected blend of Chinook, Centennial, and Amarillo hops. This beer has a strong malt backbone. It supports a dank and sticky hop profile.

Bruery White Chocolate in the Bottle:

This beer is aged in bourbon barrels with vanilla beans and cocoa nibs. This is a great beer for the chocolate lover. This wheatwine style ale complements the rich notes of coconut, honey, caramel and vanilla from extensive barrel aging.

Third Window Vineration of Saints in Bottle:

This is a Belgian style golden strong ale with kick on ranch riesling grapes made in Santa Barbara, California. This is a limited release bottled beer. This beer has a profile of mulling spices, bananas, and full bodied.

8 Wired/Modern Times Halfway to Whangarei in Bottle:

This is a collaboration beer with 8 wired and Modern Times grissette. This beer is inspired by the coal miner’s beer of choice in the 1800s Wallonia. Fermented with a saison strain followed by secondary fermentation by Modern Times’ house strain of brettanomyces. New Zealand hops elevates it from the coal mines and makes it modern.

Ribela Sidra Natural in Bottle:

This is a Galician organic cider from Spain made of unsprayed Spanish heirloom apples. Traditionally produced cider using ecologically grown Galician apples. Mixing apple varieties like Rabiosa, Raiada and Pericos brings tart, acid and sweet accents to the cider.

Siren/Hill Farmstead/Mikkeller in Bottle:

This IPA is a collaboration with Siren, Hill Farmstead and Mikkeller breweries. It’s a Barrel Aged

Lemoncello IPA with spices and lemon. The sweet bourbon notes with the intense lemon flavors of the beer help to create a well rounded ale not dissimilar in taste to the famous American cocktail; the Whiskey Sour.

Grimm Sumi Zest in Bottle:

This is an imperial stout brewed with orange zest and vanilla. This beer is best enjoyed in a snifter or a wine glass. The profile has strong aromas of roasted, dark chocolate malts with aromas of sweet dark chocolate, vanilla, and citrus orange zest.

Grimm Blackberry Orange Pop in Bottle:

This beer is a sweet dessert Berliner Weiss style ale brewed with blackberries, orange zest, vanilla, and lactose. This beer is best served in a tulip or a wine glass. This has a strong berry profile but pours creamy from the added lactose. It has a strong blackberry/blueberry forward with an after thought of citrus that adds a bright nose to this beer.

Lama Dog Tap Room + Bottle Shop is a premier Santa Barbara tap room and is renowned for being known as one of the best beer bars in Santa Barbara.

Learn more today by visiting their website in the link below!

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Company Name: LAMA DOG
Contact Person: Media Relations
Phone: (805) 880-3364
Address:116 Santa Barbara Street, Funk Zone
City: Santa Barbara
State: California
Country: United States