Ekolektro Fuel Cell: It Doesn’t Get Any Better than Ekolektro

Ekolektro Fuel Cell has provided an Ultimate Alternative Energy Source without any Dependency on Air, Light or Heat Energy

Jurre Yntema, a Dutch Engineer has announced that he will be bringing a remarkable engineering revolution to the lives of people with the introduction of Ekolektro Fuel Cell. In 2015 during his stay in Germany, he witnessed a demonstration of the Chalk battery, an over 100 year old invention, and became curious and this motivated him to create this amazing battery.

It was a 100 year’s old forgotten invention with new technology. Jurre successfully created a prototype that can last more than 2 decades and for mass production of this project, he is seeking public support on Indiegogo. The fixed goal of this project is to raise €508,120 within a month and everyone is welcome to back this project up.

When the entire world is struggling to find sustainable energy sources, this fuel cell only uses water and is the most reliable way that is also environmental friendly. One unit produces 200W that is 1750 KWh a year can last more than 20 years. Moreover, it is equal to 8-10 solar panels.

All funds raised through this Indiegogo campaign will play a major role in the mass production of this amazing fuel cell that will revolutionize the world of energy and will reshape the lives of millions of people around the world.

People can find out more about this project and back it on Indiegogo to help it reach its goal using the following link;


About This Project:

Ekolektro Fuel Cell is a Netherlands based fuel cell that is a patented technology by a Dutch Engineer. It is basically redesigning of a 100 year old technology using new tools and techniques for a better outcome. The project is now seeking public support on Indiegogo and everyone is welcome to back it.

Media Contact
Company Name: Ekolektro
Contact Person: Jurre Yntema
Email: info@ekolektro.nl
Phone: +31616458515
City: Baarle-Nassau
Country: Netherlands
Website: www.ekolektro.nl