World Gets Its First-Ever On-Demand Logistics Platform With Shipsi

Shipsi is about to change the existing logistics scene for better through the world’s first ever Artificial Intelligence backed on-demand logistics platform that enables anyone to send anything anytime anywhere.

San Francisco – March 21st, 2017 – Imagine you do your entire spring shopping at a store and then you have all the goodies delivered right to your doorstep even before you get there! Sounds utopian, right? Well, this year, you are going to witness utopia-turning-to-reality with Shipsi as it is all set to redefine the contemporary logistics scene with its game-changing world’s first ever on-demand logistics platform that allows you to send anything anytime anywhere. Backed by cutting edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, the platform aims to provide most advanced logistics support for both providers and consumers.

The beta platform is scheduled to launch next week after successful beta test with a leading freight forwarding network and integration into Uber Rush.

“How would it feel if you get just a single mobile/web/app portal to control, manage and transact with the whole logistics process all over the world? Phenomenal, right? Well, that’s what Shipsi is for you. It’s the world’s 1st next gen web platform and marketplace to redefine logistics for better. Our platform is for anybody who has to send anything on-demand and at affordable costs. Whether you are a florist who has to deliver a surprise bouquet to a customer the moment it’s ready or a lawyer who immediately needs to send some papers to a client for signatures- Shipsi will do everything for you instantly and that too at a fraction of the cost charged by courier companies. We are here to make life easier and faster and better,” stated Ben Way, one of the pivotal figures behind the revolutionary logistics platform.

An award-winning serial entrepreneur and best-selling author Way currently spearheads leading innovation & Incubation Company The Rainmakers through which he develops versatile cutting edge startups like Shipsi.

“We have a highly talented Silicon Valley team backing us and we also work with industry leading technology and partners like Uber, Transpay and TPF Network to ensure the best delivery experience possible services. Our Shipsi technology has already undergone extensive testing and is all set to hit the market and can provide logistics at a fraction of the cost of traditional services,” Ben added in.

Speaking further, he stressed on some of the coming mind blowing features of Shipsi:

• Artificial Intelligence Optimization

• Augmented reality support

• Support for self-driving cars and trucks and drone deliveries

• Built-in support for 50+ languages

• Direct country payment facility for 150+ countries

• 2-way transparent marketplace which supports both direct shipping & brokers

• Support for GPS, RFID & Q Codes functionality

• Automatic exception control & simple processing of cost implications

• And much more

Shipsi will presently run its on-demand services in NY City, Chicago, and San Francisco and is soon to extend to 15 more cities over the next few months and it’s marketplace platform already works worldwide. The platform utilizes Uber’s technology for the on-demand logistics service and would add famous postmates UPS & DHL soon.

“We are about to bring a paradigm change in the existing delivery process and Shipsi launches the first step towards packages being shipped by self-driving cars so that real-time delivery stores don’t have to keep stock. Be it your pills or the favorite wine bottle, we can deliver everything to you in a blink of an eye.”

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