Ankaka Releases New Program For Prank Channels On YouTube

Anyone who enjoys making prank videos has just been offered an opportunity to acquire the latest hidden cameras free of charge. This is thanks to a recent announcement made by Ankaka – a leading distributor of spy gadgets. Ankaka recently released a new program for prank channels on YouTube.

The program is aimed at people who enjoy making pranks, recording them and sharing them on YouTube. The goal is to provide them with an opportunity to acquire the kinds of hidden cameras which can help them to record even better prank videos.

Every prank video maker knows how invaluable a hidden camera is for the process. Such a camera is great for hoodwinking the target and then capturing every minute detail of the prank. This is why prank video aficionados often go to great lengths to find the perfect camera for recording their videos.

Ankaka has just made finding the perfect camera simpler by offering video makers an opportunity to acquire high-power hidden cameras. Ankaka has an assortment of powerful cameras embedded in everyday items like hats,USB Sticks, sunglasses, photo frames, and even pens. 

The embedded cameras come with an assortment of capabilities which make them great for recording prank videos. Such capabilities include HD video quality capture, remote control and recording, auto video capture and motion sensors. Ankaka is offering every prank video maker an opportunity to acquire these capabilities at a bargain.

“Our main goal is to encourage the art of making prank videos,” said Jun Chen PR Manager at Ankaka. “We intend to do this by making it easier for video makers to acquire powerful hidden cameras capable of recording great videos.”

Ankaka is therefore offering prank YouTube channel owners an opportunity to get the latest concealed cameras at great discounts. To qualify for the opportunity, a person needs to post a prank video on YouTube, with a mention of anywhere in the video. 

Whoever posts such a video will qualify to receive the latest hidden camera from Ankaka at a discount or even free of charge. The qualification will depend on the quality of the prank video as well as the influence of the YouTube channel.

Ultimately, Ankaka’s new program is the perfect opportunity for YouTube video pranksters to acquire the latest cameras to aid their craft. Details of the program can be found on the official Ankaka website:

About Ankaka

Ankaka is the top tier 1 distributor of spy gadgets in China. Its specialty is supplying law enforcement officials, private investigators, and prank makers with the latest spy gadgets. Among the gadgets it offers are pens, USB sticks, clocks, sunglasses, and photo frames which have embedded hidden spy cameras, motion sensors and listening bugs.

The full inventory of Ankaka’s spy gear can be found on:

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