Restoring the Balance Campaign Helping Autism Kids with Healthy Diet

September 1, 2014 – Pennsylvania USA. Restoring the Balance is working on a documentary film featuring real-life stories that demonstrate how a healthy diet can have positive and lasting impacts on kids with autism.

Strong links have been found between behaviour, brain functions and healthy diets. The focus of much of the research was centered on nutritional impacts on children on the autism spectrum. With information from researchers and behavioural therapists – new revelations kept coming in.  The film is being produced by Ryan Hetrick, a neurocognitive and brain injury specialist who has worked in the behavioral field for over seven years with children on the autism spectrum. As Restoring the Balance’s Indiegogo site explains, We hope to impact the autism community by sharing these breakthrough stories many of these families were having. While inspiring others making easy to access resources and a real life blueprint to assist in the application and clarity of biomedical & dietary treatments.” The researchers can’t wait to share this encouraging message with many more families. The bottom line is that a healthy brain is very much linked with a healthy gut.  

Many children on the autism spectrum have shown remarkable behavioral changes when the gut is calmed. Removing gluten, dairy, corn, soy, sugar and other artificial food additives are some of the typical therapies, along with supplementing the diet with the most common deficient vitamins & minerals. Science is catching up with history with understanding the extreme importance of the brain of the gut. The well-being of brain 1 (head) is dependent on the health of brain 2 (gut).” Their multi-year study focuses on children on the autism spectrum and the doctors & parents who saw positive changes in behavior from nutritional & biomedical therapies. By reducing toxins we ‘restore the balance’. Most children on the autism spectrum have deficiencies in Vitamins A, C, and E, magnesium, selenium, zinc and all the B Vitamins. Kids on the autism spectrum who stuck to the dietary/nutritional changes had long-term positive results including more words, talking, and more genuine social interactions. 

Restoring the Balance is all about helping others. Their Indiegogo campaign will fund the travel and filming expenses to bring even more insight and first-hand stories from families across the USA. The campaign budget is set at a realistic $10,000 to cover airfare, car rentals (to get to homes and researchers), and other basic filming expenses. With your support, this important film will be completed and can help many more families looking for answers. Restoring the Balance demonstrates how putting these pieces together and building a diet (with the right nutrients) can really help autism spectrum kids and their families.

Donations of any level are welcome with plenty of ‘healthy perks’ for your support. For just $12 get the Recipe & herb guide perk which shows you common beneficial herbs and one of the Restoring the Balance detox dish recipes (and there’s a T-shirt!). For just $24 you can have a DVD of the finished documentary. Learn how these parents and doctors put their knowledge together to learn and understand of these discoveries. At $66 you get a copy of the simple to follow Restoring the Balance Informational booklet outlining the “ABC’s of the program” and a workbook for caregivers to keep track of moods and foods. There is also a short Power Point presentation. Other perks include personalized Skype nutritional coaching with renowned nutritionist Tom Malterre (co-author of the Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook and Nourishing Meals) and much more.

Even if you can’t donate, you can help by sharing the links below with all your friends and family.  

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