Stan Foster Media Premieres PK Resurrection Live Stage Play at Atlanta’s FOX Theatre Easter Weekend; The first urban/gospel stage play to stream live around the world via Pay-Per-View

Originating from one of the Bibles best-known parables and set to stirring gospel music.

Featuring multi-award-winning cast members!

ATLANTA, GA – 21 Mar, 2017 – Stan Foster Media announces the premiere of “PK Resurrection,” the live stage play based on one of the bible’s best known parables, set to music at the FOX theatre in Atlanta, Georgia, April 14th and 15th, and will be the first urban/gospel stage play to stream live via Pay-Per-View Easter Sunday (April 16).

Delivering a message about redemption—a preacher’s daughter who leaves home against her father’s wishes for the very first time to follow her dream joins a traveling gospel show and soon discovers life on the road is tough.  Her biggest fear is going home with nothing to show for herself and returning to a father who no longer loves her—Foster uses great original music composed by Tim Miner (Justin Beiber, Al Green, DeLeon, Crystal Lewis) and a superb cast of multi-Grammy® award winning and nominated recording artists to reenact of one of the bible’s best-known parables, the prodigal son.

Premiering the extravaganza during one of the biggest holiday weekends is a way to bring together all walks of people and subtly remind or teach them the importance of redemption.

“There is no greater premise than that of the prodigal, and there’s no greater victory than the resurrection of Jesus,” states Foster.  “Each of us at some point needs to resurrect a dead or dying circumstance in our lives. It might be love, marriage, or family relationship. What better symbolic reminder is there of that than Easter, and Resurrection Sunday?” 

With an outstanding cast featuring BeBe Winans—(4-time Grammy® award winner), Shirley Caesar (10-time Grammy® award winner), Angie Stone (TV One‘s R&B Divas, The Fighting Temptations, Pastor Brown and School Gyrls), KeKe Wyatt (R&B singer, TV One’s R&B Divas), Q-Parker from 112 (Grammy® award-winning singer & songwriter, actor), Tasha Page-Lockhart (BET’s Sunday Best winner), Tim Miner (gospel/R&B singer-songwriter, producer, composer), JD Lawrence (producer, actor, playwright), and American Idol alumni and Broadway actress, Syesha Mercado who plays the role of the preacher’s daughter, Angie—this relatable production is scheduled for three live shows (Friday, April 14 at 8PM and Saturday, April 15 at 3PM & 8PM), and will stream live on Pay-Per-View Easter Sunday—a first for an urban/gospel stage play.

“I wanted ‘PK Resurrection’ to be the first urban/gospel stage play to stream live around the world, in hopes that families might watch together and like the characters in our play, possibly find renewed life, hope, and victory in their own dying circumstances,” states Foster. 

Foster is expecting a sold out live attendance, and an unprecedented pay-per-view audience. “We’ve purposely priced pay-per-view low so that it’s affordable to nearly everyone,” says Foster.  “And for those who can’t afford the $10.99, we will offer special group rates so the people can watch at their own church for free.”

PK Resurrection is adapted from the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son; Foster proves his story-telling abilities by updating a well-known story seamlessly with today’s current issues and setting them to music.

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