Kathleen Chan Sheds Light on Human Spirituality through Diverse Studies

The book that answers some of the titillating questions underneath the shadows of research and deliberate analysis.

Kathleen Chan releases The Redwoods of Gaia:  A New Age Mirror of the Soul.

In this book, Kathleen combines different studies such as science, religion, and philosophy to delve deeper into the concept of the human soul.  She uses clear and concise terminology to communicate a message of what it means to be truly human.

Kathleen metaphorically uses the giant redwood tree to explain that each individual is connected to another regardless of the different intellectual understanding of the nature of reality.  She points out that human evolution over the last 200,000 years has produced a neurologically complex human brain capable of logic, creativity, and intuition.  This is beautifully portrayed by her findings and drawings.  She asserts that the human fossil record is indeed the greatest evidence of a cerebral explosion.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/u63EONkZZDo

Additionally, she explains how we have been gifted with a divine, nonmaterial soul by the Cosmic Creator itself.  It is important to realize how special our humanity is; it is soul that enables our biological selves to become free-willed, reasonable, and caring individuals.

A quote from Kathleen:  Life is but a temporary sojourn in our corporeal existence.  We have “miles to go before we sleep,” as poet Robert Frost so eloquently expresses.

Kathleen Chan

The Redwood of Gaia: A New Age Mirror of the Soul

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About the Author:

The Redwoods of Gaia is Kathleen Chan’s first nonfiction work. Her previous published works include a collection of poetry titled The Journey to Fatima describing the spirituality of the Portuguese. A later publication was her historical novella, Ancient Tapestry, published by Publish America in Baltimore.  She studied anthropology for her baccalaureate degree at the University of California, Berkeley.  

Later, she received her M.A. in social anthropology at San Francisco State University.  With a M.S.W. degree from Denver University, she functioned as a licensed clinical social worker from 1989 to 2011.  Her educational background has helped her to utilize a multi-faceted approach to any subject matter.  In this newest work, she has combined anthropology with metaphysics into a workable whole to describe the individual sentient soul, a gift bestowed to evolving humanity by the cosmic intelligence of the universe.

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