‘Reverse Mortgage Pros’ Launch New Reverse Mortgage Guide and Website

Toronto, ON – When it comes to finances, most people are afraid to do anything on a large scale. Buying a car, purchasing stocks, refinancing properties- these are all great options to consider for saving money on long term scale. However, the risk sometimes sounds more devastating than the reward which prevents anyone from acting. One of the ways that people are coming into money is through a reverse mortgage, and Dominion Lending Centres Edge Financial has put together a guide to help homeowners through the process.

Although considering a reverse mortgage in Canada is one of the safest ways to secure a financial future, it’s something that not many people consider. It can seem like a very daunting task at first since some people aren’t even sure what it entails. The complexity of the situation frightens many homeowners who haven’t properly considered the situation. Dominion Lending Centres Edge Financial, FSCO #10710, Independently Owned & Operated, has decided to help bridge the gap between the banks, the lenders, and the people who need the idea explained to them in realistic terms that everyday people can understand.

The website ‘Reverse Mortgage Pros’ have launched an all-encompassing guide to reverse mortgages. Accessible free-of-charge at https://www.reversemortgagepros.ca/reverse-mortgage/, the guide has already helped a variety of homeowners from different backgrounds to figure out what the best move for them would be before they made any major decisions. It immediately addresses myths about reverse mortgages, frequently asked questions, and many other points of interest.

One of the reasons that so many have come to trust these mortgage agents and their ultimate guide is that they quickly disclaim impartiality upon interaction. While many financial services and advisors work for (or at least in conjunction with) a bank or lending service, these ‘Reverse Mortgage Pros’ have no sponsor or partner that stands to make money off an increase in reverse mortgages in Canada.

“The reason I created this guide is so that you can get the information and data that you need to make an objective, informed, and educated choice about reverse mortgages,” explained Michael Sneddon, a chartered accountant and mortgage agent with Dominion Lending Centres Edge Financial.

So far, their exclusive, how-to reverse mortgage guide has helped a wide variety of people make the right decision or them. Whether going through the process of a reverse mortgage now, considering it down the road, or simply postponing it is right for a homeowner rests on several variables. This guide is simply here to help determine and read those variables- no matter how complex the situation.

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