How Crossroads Animal Clinic is Helping Lost Dogs in Copperfield FM529, Houston Texas

Crossroads Animal Clinic is doing a lot to help lost pets in the FM 529 area, Copperfield – Houston Texas.


There isn’t much worse than a stray dog, fending for himself in an unforgiving urban world. Because dogs evolved to be natural pack animals, relying on pack- members for cooperative hunting and survival (in our case, human family members), the lonesome life of a stray is especially stressful for this particular animal.

Nature didn’t intend for these guys to fend for themselves. Don’t worry; Crossroads Veterinary Animal Clinic in Copperfield is pulling out the stops in an effort to help! A team of caring compassionate pet lovers, Crossroads truly cares about the future of these animals, giving only the best.

Free Pet Care to the Homeless

Unfortunately, stray animals face an unknown future in the harsh reality of our world. Not only are dogs ill equipped to fend off the cold bite of winter, dogs have rather poor visual acuity, making busy roads and rapidly moving vehicles much more dangerous.

Crossroads veterinary clinic in Copperfield fm529 goes above and beyond, offering free pet care and temporary shelter to those homeless dogs and cats out there! We hate to see dogs needlessly suffer cold or hunger, and do absolutely everything within our capabilities to help alleviate these problems and enhance their quality of life.

Partnerships with Local Shelters

There has been a noticeable increase in lost dogs in the Houston area. Crossroads Veterinary Clinic in Copperfield has developed partnerships with local shelters to help reunite lost dogs with their loving human families!

It takes a caring passion for animal life to work a clinic like this, a passion the staff of Crossroads has in abundance. Our staff ventures above and beyond to find the kind of stable ground lost dogs need for a bright future!

Microchipping Offered

“Only about 10% of dogs that enter the animal shelter have a tag or microchip.”
– Increase in lost dogs at Harris Co. Animal Shelter

A microchip is a small device that contains a pet’s information, like the address of its’ owner, vaccinations, etc. Upon entering a shelter, dogs are scanned for these devices. If a microchip is found, handlers instantly know how to contact and reunite owner with dog.

Microchips are radio-frequency identification (RFID) implants that provide permanent ID for your pet; extremely convenient devices that last for life. They are relatively painless, don’t hurt any more than any other vaccination, and don’t require anesthesia.

Thankfully, Crossroads Veterinary Clinic in Copperfield offers them!

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