Expo Direct Exhibition And Event Hire Solutions Provide Advice On Trade Shows Success

Australia’s leading exhibition hire and event services company Credited For Improving Event Leads

Expo Direct a multi award-winning exhibition and event expo hire supplier who specialize in trade show solutions and offers a complete range of Exhibit Services and advice for creating effective stands to make their business stand out / for businesses to use their stands as an added prop for making an impact / about using an exhibition stand to draw more people.

Exhibitions are an important part of a business marketing and branding campaign, giving them the opportunity to get in front of their potential customers. However, each year businesses of all sizes make terrible mistakes when putting a stand together which could be avoided by hiring a professional exhibition hire and event services company.

The following tips and advice issued by Expo Direct Exhibition And Event Solutions who in 2016 was named Highly Commended in the “Best Supplier Team” category of the EEAA Awards for Excellence, aim to avoid costly mistakes being made.

1.    An ineffectual layout

One of the major mistakes made when putting a stand together is not thinking about the journey of the customer. A lot of businesses who have their in-house team put a stand together concentrate on making a stand attractive without thinking about the positive impact an effective exhibition stand layout can provide that can result in leads and sales.

2.    Poor stand placement

A prominent position for a stand is normally more expensive than other stands at the exhibition, and they are the ones that go quickly. Many businesses feel by not having a prominent position they will lose out. This is not the case! If the stand is properly designed and put together with optimum visibility, then it can be just as effective as a more expensive stand.

3.    An uninspiring design

No matter where a stand is in the hall if it’s uninspiring, then the visitor numbers will not be as high as expected. It is important to get the design and the functionality of the stand just right to provide a positive impact.

A spokesman for Expo Direct said: “To be assured of a successful exhibition it’s important to use a professional company with years of experience. One of the mistakes a lot of businesses make is trying to put a stand together within an in-house team.”

Expo Direct provide a range of exhibition services which includes, and are not limited to the construction of custom and modular exhibits and displays, provision of event furnishing, laying of event flooring, rental for audio/visual equipment, freight services, transporting and logistics services, and graphics and signage.

To learn more about Expo Direct and the service they offer to help businesses have a successful exhibition, please visit http://www.expodirect.com.au/

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Expo Direct is a multi-award-winning exhibition and event supplier that excels in providing complete solutions to event organisers and exhibitors across the country. They have been awarded the Most Preferred Service in Australia by Event Connect for four years in a row as well as voted as one of the top five Expo Builders & Best Hire Company in Australia by Spice Magazine.

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