Frank Clay Encourages Readers to Rediscover the Meaning of their SALVATION

Frank Clay releases the spiritual book that enlightens, directs and inspires readers to ‘Go to the Word’ to discover what key scriptures have to say about SALVATION. His new book with devotion, prayer and a thankful spirit provides the reader with a new revelation of God’s Word and the message of SALVATION.

“SALVATION: Go To The Word,” provides spiritual and scriptural guidance concerning God’s Word that will give the readers more biblical wisdom – so that anyone can embrace  their SALVATION with confidence which can ONLY come through the Son of God… Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”

Frank aims to strengthen the understanding of every believer as to what SALVALTION really means in Jesus Christ, particularly those who have recently been saved by the Gospel. The author has seen first-hand the spiritual benefits of gaining a firm understanding of the scriptures that define the true essence of one’s SALVATION. Frank Clay’s new book opens doors for everyone’s enlightenment.


“What the Bible states about SALVATION.” Key scriptures to study.

What the Bible states about baptism.” For your awareness.

What the Bible states about communion.” For your understanding.

“List the Ten Commandments.” For your guidance.

“Old salvation hymns” you will want to read and remember for your enjoyment.

Frank encourages the readers to discover the “mystery of Christ” and to learn more about the “salvation journey” back to God by reading and embracing key scriptures that are directly related to salvation and the Savior.

Frank expresses his thoughts and passes his spiritual wisdom unmistakably and concisely. As reviewed on Amazon, his spiritual book is, “beautifully written.”  Salvation…Go To The Word clearly does its best as a guide to those who are longing for answers amid self-doubt, hopelessness and inner troubles especially the ones who need spiritual guidance and exploration to seek the meaning of life.  Frank’s thorough and reflective exposition allows the readers to realize and nourish their souls and live meaningfully.

Frank Clay is also the author of Press On: Truthful Insights Into the Lives We Live and Warm Thoughts: Poems From St. Thomas Virgin Islands.

Frank Clay

SALVATION: Go to The Word

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About the Author:

Frank Clay embraced God’s Word, the old church spirituals, his father’s church music and a personal appreciation for the 10 Commandments at an early age. Hearing the invitation to confess his sins and ask forgiveness, acknowledging His Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Frank Clay now passionately shares the appropriate salvation scriptures to encourage and strengthen all believers to continue in their salvation journey by studying the scriptures related to “SALVATION.” His call to action for the believer and the unbeliever is… “Go To The Word”.

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