Cutthroat Cold War Espionage from the comfort of a home!

Red Scare Redux: A Team focused competitive card game is live on Kickstarter now!

Fidget Creative, an independent game company out of Salem, Massachusetts is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign for their first game, Red Scare Redux, a team focused, competitive card game where cold war era spy organizations race to complete high point missions, while thwarting their ideological foes along the way.

Coming from a town with a rich tabletop game history, this three person company is dedicated to making fun, balanced and engaging games that they hope will last a lifetime. Red Scare Redux is their first game, but certainly will not be their last. They hope backers of their Kickstarter will recognize Fidget Creative’s dedication to the game making craft once a copy of Red Scare Redux gets into their hands.  

The 198 card deck is comprised of Objectives,  Agents with sordid pasts, Resources needed to complete the missions and a mix of Black Ops cards that can be used either to help one’s own team or throw a wrench in the enemy’s plan.

You can play the 2-6 player as individuals, but taking on the spy world is so much more fun when you are on a team. Share cards, strategize and celebrate together, but make sure to be covert, as the opposing team will be watching your every move!

Agents, Resources and Objectives feature art by the amazing artist, Danielle Brown. Game connoisseurs  will be impressed by the beautiful illustrations throughout the Red Scare Redux deck. 

To find out more visit Fidget Creative’s Kickstarter, which ends on 4/5/17, to watch game play videos, read more about the game, and, if you like what you see, pre order Red Scare Redux at

You can also find them on the web at, along with Twitter, Facebook, IG and Tumblr @FidgetCreative.  

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