Cheryl Cran Named #1 On The List Of Movers And Shakers Who Are Driving The Future Of Work!

VANCOUVER, B.C. – 22 Mar, 2017 – Organizations globally are realizing that they must prepare for the Future of Work Now! Given the mix of generations in the workplace, the rapid pace of change the cultures and needs of today’s workforce, that they look for when deciding where to work, and how long they will stay. Organizations are turning to Cheryl Cran a Future of Work and Change Leadership expert for the proven strategies they need.

It’s becoming more and more challenging for businesses and their leaders about how to strategically prepare for the Future of Work. The right training for leadership at all levels is required to make the difference whether an organization struggles or performs optimally given the rapid rate of change. “Old school” leadership methods won’t produce the results needed for the Future of Work which is Now!

In addition to being ranked #1 by other research companies Cheryl Cran has just been named the #1 innovative thinker on The Future of Work by the progressive business service company Catalant.

Catalant ( provides an amazing technology platform that matches enterprises with targeted expertise to address needs efficiently and in real-time.

As reported on Catalant by Kylie Wright-Ford, who is a strategic advisor, investor and board member for private enterprises that are transforming or growing in new ways. Most recently Chief Operating and Strategy Officer for World 50, “In today’s workplace dynamics are shifting. A growing number of workers are trading in traditional full-time jobs with employers for work as contractors, consultants, and freelancers. Over the past 20 years, the number of gig economy workers has increased by 27 percent more than payroll employees. In fact, as of 2015, one-third of the US workforce (some 54 million Americans) participated in independent work—an increase of more than 700,000 people over the previous year.”

Kylie named Cheryl Cran #1 on the list of innovative thinkers making a real impact on the Future of Work.

In a recent interview Cran commented “The Future of Work requires action now, leaders and teams need to be building the systems and structures that will meet the needs of today’s workforce. Many of the leadership tools and techniques used successfully for years are no longer effective and these skills must be upgraded to see the success organizations want to see.” Cheryl goes on to say, “I not only upgrade a Leaders’ ‘Operating System’, I prepare organizations strategically with my globally proven tools and techniques that ensures their success.”

Dedicated to helping businesses and their leaders in being well prepared for today’s and tomorrow’s business realities Cran’s message reaches wider and wider audiences through interviews, her books, her key-notes, consulting and on-line leadership training, with her work having revolutionized businesses in hundreds of industries globally.

The V.P. of AT&T University recently said “Cheryl Cran may not be Sheryl Crow but she is a rockstar none the less! We had Cheryl work with us on over a dozen events where she delivered to about 6000 general managers in total from the AT&T system and it was a huge success!

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