Oregon Mom invents Portable Deadbolt Accessory

An American invention police called a Godsend invented by a woman in Oregon. It stops criminals who use bump keys- passkeys- and pass-cards happening every day in cities throughout America.

USA – Oregon Mom invents portable deadbolt accessory Super Grip Lock. It locks-down the deadbolt handle to stop bump keys- passkeys- lock-picks- and electronic pass-cards used every day by criminals in cities throughout America.

1. The National Locksmith evaluating locks for the industry since 1929 reported: “Even when using a working key and a pair of pliers the key broke but the deadbolt remained locked.” And summarized – “There is an unlimited potential for customers and the $10 retail is definitely right.” How great is that for the traveler and low income family?

2. Police Lt. Bryon 23-year veteran wrote to the LEAA a coalition of law-enforcement experts: “This Strap is a Godsend for the traveling public and those who live in rentals.”

3. The International Association of Police Chiefs fighting crime since 1893 introduced Super-Grip-Lock to police in the Police Chief Magazine.

4. The Electronic Retail Association represents 450 companies in 45 nations awarded Super-Grip-Lock- “One of the Ten Most Marketable Products of the Year Award.”

A parents’ desire to keep her family safe has made it easy to protect yourself without breaking the bank and why police call it a Godsend.

See how to protect yourself at www.supergriplock.com

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About Super Grip Lock :

Super Grip Lock, the award-winning deadbolt strap and portable travel lock, attaches to and wraps around the deadbolt handle and doorknob or lever handle when the deadbolt is in the locked position to prevent the handle from turning so the bolt cannot be disengaged until the Strap is removed. Your door will remain locked even if someone has your key they can’t get in until the Strap is removed which is a prudent way you can protect yourself. Watch the instructional video below to see Super Grip Lock in action.

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