Hairline Ink & 2016: A Year in Review

New York, NY – In the year of 2016, Hairline Ink, a cosmetic hair-loss solution company, restored the confidence of over 500 individuals by treating hair loss in a remarkable way. By offering Scalp Micropigmentation treatments, they have impacted the lives of their clients, shining a light of hope in regaining their true identity.

Men and women begin suffering from hair loss as early as their teens or early 20’s, bringing overwhelming moods of sadness, frustration, and a loss of confidence. Wigs rarely succeed in appearing natural or real, hair transplants leave behind noticeable scars, and all other solutions seem helpless. Hairline ink brings the best solution, with the best practitioners, to the cities of New York City and Chicago.

Scalp Micropigmentation is the artful process of pigmenting the scalp to create the appearance of natural looking hair follicles. Rapidly growing in popularity as a hair loss solution, it’s ideal for those who suffer from baldness, receding hairlines, thinning hair, and hair transplants. What distinguishes this company from local competitors, based on Hairline Ink review testimonials, are the motivated, artistic staff that they hold.

A great advancement for Hairline Ink in 2016, has been the opening of their new location in the heart of New York City. They brought on board expert artists Chris Lopez and Orian Barzilay who have made a lasting impact in New York City and the surrounding areas. As for their new Chicago office, Hairline Ink brought on industry leader, Michal “Magic Mike” Muszynski. Hairline Ink practitioners hold a special relationship with their patients, possessing a clear and personal understanding of how strongly hair loss impacts an individual. They can genuinely relate to their clients and the challenges they are facing, because at one point, they were one.

“Once I’m done with a client’s treatment, the most rewarding gift is the feeling of seeing how much I’ve changed their life for the better, and the confidence they get right away,” shares Muszynski. “I don’t consider it work or a job or even a career, but more of as my passion, my art, and an opportunity to meet and spend time with amazing people.”

Hairline Ink strives to deliver Scalp Micropigmentation to as many people as possible because they know the immense difference they are making in their lives. They aim to impact even more lives in 2017, helping hair-loss victims never lose their identity again.

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