FREEMAXDESK Brings In BEST Power Adjustable Desk Converter At Rates To Fit Pockets

FREEMAXDESK has come up with the best power adjustable electric desk converter at a highly affordable price that promises an unmatched ergonomic design, smooth power control and optimum comfort for users.

Anaheim, CA – March 22, 2017 – The long-sitting menace as induced by contemporary work culture poses a damaging blow to health. According to studies, excessive sitting is actually killing and abets 91% risk of Type 2 diabetes, 13% risk of cancer & 14% chances of heart ailments.

Doctors advise for dividing office time between sitting and standing but even though there are desk risers yet it’s their pricey tag and ineffective design that make them inaccessible. But not anymore! FREEMAXDESK has recently launched the best power adjustable electric desk converter to wage a successful fight against long-sitting issues and that too at a rate to fit your pocket.

The FREEMAXDESK EDOD was officially launched in February 2017.

“A height-adjustable is the need of the hour to battle the severe health issues arising from excessive sitting. Yes, we understand the current desk risers are not that efficient and overtly pricey but we are here to change the scene for better now. Our state of the art FREEMAXDESK power adjustable electric desk converter is the best in the market to ensure the most ergonomic environment in your office and that too at a highly affordable value price. We are here to make work more comfortable for you and our EDOD’s classy outlook would mean an aesthetic addition to your workplace,” stated Jess Ho, veteran mechanical engineer and the man behind FREEMAXDESK.

One of the best parts that keeps FREEMAXDESK EDOD ahead of other regular desk risers is its amazing power control that makes the desk height adjustment just a breeze as you switch from sitting to standing and vice versa. In just a simple touch of button, the user can shift the desk from sitting to standing mode.

Backed by FREEMAXDESK’s cutting edge intelligence digital memory keypad, the users can adjust the desk converter at simply any height and it can even store up to 4 preferred height presets. This way, one can customize the desk surface to rise at the same heights whenever he stands. The exact desk height would be featured on a display.

While approached further on its unique features, Jess stressed on extra large working platform (795 by 530mm) to host both the keypad and hardcover notepad and also to offer good support for the elbows. Users will benefit from individual screen height adjustor which assures up to 150mm of screen-height adjustment. The desk converter even allows a smooth monitor tilt up to +15/-5 degree and easy rotation. EDOD is designed with vesa mount which makes it compatible to both laptops and desktops.  And yes, there is a cool mobile holder to house the smartphones so that you can work hand-free on the desk.

“We are always up for user-friendly ergonomic designs and our FREEMAXDESK EDOD is an unmatched example of perfect integrated engineering & ergonomic ideals. With efficient and effortless operation, easy multi-individual adjustments and large working surface, it’s a must have for every office space today.”

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